There Was Some Fine Baseball After Bedtime

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go west.jpgOne of our limitations as East Coast old guys is not being able to translate some of the nuances of late West Coast games. But last night featured two pitching gems we'd be remiss not to talk about.

First off was Aaron Cook's absolute sweetness against the Padres. Cook allowed just five hits. He used only 79 pitches and the game was completed in 1 Hour and 58 Minutes. That's only 15 minutes longer than The Love Guru. Well done Mr. Cook. At least Jesus still likes one of you.

Just as impressive was Matt Cain's total shutdown of the hot hitting Cubbies. He went 8 innings allowing just two hits and striking out ten. Cain hasn't quite met the high expectations he came into the season with but last night he was dominant.

So yeah. Here's looking at you, West Coast. You almost make me wish I still had crippling insomnia.

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Great ptching performances? Ahem...Cliff Lee vs. Johnny Danks...ahem.

This should be a regular WoW feature!

That's only 15 minutes longer than The Love Guru.

And 15 times more entertaining.

I knew I had had stayed too late after my softball game last night when I got in the car to drive home and the goddam West Coast Cubs game was already over.

Well... that, and the fact that I was so drunk I ran over a homeless man... on the sidewalk... in front of a police station.

It's cool you made it home though. Way to go!

You know, when you're driving drunk you should drive twice as fast, so you'll get home quicker and be on the road less, where you're a danger to other people.

@ Cheif
Since the teams play in the middle of the coutry they don't qualify for before bedtime or after bedtime. There needs to be a feature call "Baseball While You Were Brushing Your Teeth" or "Baseball While You Were Downing Tylenol PM"

@ bc twins: after last night's outcome I'm going with: Baseball while you chugged from a litre of Jameson's.

@ Cheif
Very understadable. The Twins hit into 5 DP's last night and had two runners thrown out at the plate. I was the most frustrating win they have had in a while. My gal gets pissed at me when I yell at the TV. She was really pissed last night when I was yelling at the TV and she came down and the Twins were up by three.

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