Tiger Saves Kitten, Are You Feline Me? /kills self

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catch_of_day.jpgIs this what it's come to? The All-Star Game is approaching. The trade market is heating up. But I'm here to tell you about Tigers outfielder Matt Joyce who rescued a baby cat from the batting cage at Comerica Park.

Hearing the tiny black cat whimper, (Joyce) climbed up on a stool and, with batting gloves on to protect his hands, pulled the animal down, before carrying it up the stairs into the clubhouse. The kitten was last seen being fed milk in a bowl by Joyce in the Tigers clubhouse kitchen.

The rescue brought some much needed levity to the Detroit clubhouse until Jim Leyland was quoted as saying, "What the hell is this fairy horseshit?" Then stubbed out a match on the cat's back.

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This is the worst post in WoW history.

This is 105 times more interesting than the fact that Jim Hendry just got sold a bill of goods.

The Marlins have traded Dan Uggla for the cat.

This post is going to up your sexy factor at ballhype. Pussy is sexy.

If they gave out awards for blogs, you still wouldn't win one.

That wasn't very nice Grunter.

We're not in it for the awards, Grunty. We just want thousands of adoring fans and the contents of their pocketbooks. Would you like to be governor of your state in Walkoff Walk Nation?

The Governor of Red Sox Nation-Illinois is under federal investigation.


At least I didn't lobby the government for a Sexual Stimulus package.

This Red Sox Nation business is starting to sound like something that Tom Cruise would be into.

@ Rob

Touche.....that I can respect.....and I can't be governor....I'm not tan enough (that's a requirement to be governor in FL)


That Sexual Stimulus package would've worked!!

The requirement for being a Governor in RSN is the exact opposite. The whiter the better

I just think it's cute that they named the cat, Lung Cancer.


...your female contingent likes this post and would like to request similar coverage in the future.

So ... did Miguel Cabrera eat it or not?

I want a picture of Magglio and the cat!

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