Todd Jones Sobs

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neanderthal-man.jpgTodd Jones addressed his demotion from the closer role to the Detroit News's Bob Wojowski and it's amazing. The big lug cried. And cried and cried and there was lip quivering and eye reddening and voice cracking and well, just read for yourself.

"I've been to the depths of everything emotionally, but this is just one of those things you have to go through, too," Jones said, his eyes reddening. "You know, you're born into the big leagues and then you're born a closer and then one day you're no longer trusted with the brunt of the load in the ninth inning. My day came -- what is it, July 27? -- so there's no spilled milk here."

Jones stopped and referenced Leyland, who always stood behind him but couldn't do it now.

"I mean, I love that guy," Jones said, his lip quivering, his voice cracking. Finally, he turned away.

Oh my god, I find his tears hilarious. No word if he'll be moving his Sporting News Blog over to LiveJournal. I think it's pretty great that a man who was once so macho as to vocalize staunch opposition to ever having a gay teammate, is witnessed with his "lip quivering." Old age softens even the most grizzled.

Slow clap, Bob Wojowski. You're doing god's work.

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You know, you're born into the big leagues and then you're born a closer and then one day you're no longer trusted with the brunt of the load in the ninth inning.

Did I miss the memo where it was "make no fucking sense whatsoever to the media day" today? First Maddon with his 9=8 and now weepy Jones talkin 'bout getting birthed as a major leaguer?

This made me really, really sad.

I can't wait until two or three week from now when the Tigers go back to being irrelevant. These last couple of years have been real weird.

Leyland then put his cigarette out on Jones and told him to sack up and quit being a pussy.

When asked how he felt about the fact that his replacement has an ERA north of 5, Jones replied "That's my quarterback man. That's my quarterback."

Also, The home page says there are 3 comments to this story, but I can't see any of them. Is this now the "No Honeynuts Club?"


Our server is getting a little run down these days. We're growing out of our clothes like a 5th grader. Usually reloading remedies some of these issues.

Either that or your Tandy is just getting old.

Hopefully we'll be upgrading soon.

Thanks, Todd. I reloaded like my life depended on it, but that (3) just sat there, taunting me.

Aw fuck.

Todd = Darren!


I think Todd = CTC

Someone's gonna get a beat-down at the homestead.

Neanderthal Man sez: your ERA+ is 84 and your WHIP is 1.53, Todd. I could still hit your fastball if I was swinging my wife! And I'd be dead at 40!

Todd, maybe if you focused a little more on site maintenance and less on July 27th, we wouldn't have to put up with this glitchy horseshit.

Todd Jones cries. Brian Wilson levitates.

Advantage Giants

Are you surprised at my tears, sir? Strong men also cry. Strong men...also...cry.

Yet, if the Tigers need someone to close tonight, it will likely be the Todd Jones Experience since Rodney threw 40 pitches in two innings and Zumaya has a Rock Band problem again.

Shit, now I'm crying.

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