Tonight's No Questions Asked

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Hey kids, got any birch beer?

Thanks to The Fightins' for the above video of Dr. Shane Victorino.

Stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Oh no questions asked, same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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TheFightins' also had video of Braves RP doing his best Harry Caray during Fox's Saturday telecast. I thought it was funny, but Meech and Mottram denounced it, so, there's that.

^That should read "Braves RP Will Ohman"^

CTC and Lloyd did amazing work in my absence. No questions asked.

Someone please tell Lloyd that I don't like Peter Gabriel, and I'm calling the cops if him and his damned boombox don't get off my lawn.

wait, you live in an old folks home?

/kickboxing as sport of the future

Benny "The Jet" Urquez is John Cusack's kickboxing coach, and inspired Cusack to put that quote in "Say Anything." Urquez later appeared as the hitman who fought Cusack in the hallways in "Grosse Point Blank."

Also, I will do a very rare thing and root for the Sawwx in this series.

I'm not a big fan of impressions, so don't take my word for it. Plus, I like making fun of anyone that isn't on the Phils.

No questions asked.

oh, no questions asked I thought McCann was dead.

I got my shirt, oh no questions asked, its awesome

I broiled some cajun marinated Marlin for dinner.

Oh, no questions asked, best tasting MLB mascot.

No questions asked, Marlins do make a tasty dinner although Blue Jay cooked over a burning trash can are quite good as well.

Jered Weaver comes from a long line of athletes that blame that their teammates for their problems.

I call them Marinodes.

I hit a tater tot tonight (t^3) in an intramural softball game. Literally no questions asked.

No questions asked, Quick, I salute you.

Thanks buddy. Glad you're not asking questions, cause it was a co-ed game. In my defense, the left fielder was a dude.

Anyone notice the new "There's only one OCTOBER" commercials? Just because Dane Cook is gone doesn't make it right.

One time I was on acid and there were infinite Octobers so I don't let that shit get to me.

I heard that October commercial today, and halfway through found myself disgusted/diappointed that it was vo'ed by Timberlake. Then I took a step back and wondered who I would get excited to hear doing those spots.

Richard Pryor, maybe.

Rickey Henderson

Robert Novak is here in Boston with a brain tumor.

I call bullshit.

No questions asked, Micah Owings is terrible.

I'd like for Joe Morgan to do an October commercial. "October has been really consistent this year, but any of the months could get hot and land between September and November."

I got my shirts. I got one long-sleeve and one short-sleeve.
The short-sleeve is wishful thinking.
Ask any goddamn questions you want, bitches.


Part of the reason I went with Skreened is that they have a total satisfaction thing going. If anything you bought isn't the right size/style/color/whatever just get in touch and they'll send you what you want. They're awesome with that.

We want the inner circle to enjoy their stuff.

CTC, the 'wishful thinking for the short-sleeve' comment was for how FUCKING COLD it is here in SF.
I might get to wear it once for every ten times I wear the long sleeve.


Glad you like the shirts. Mine make me look even handsomer than usual.

Mine make me look even handsomer than usual.
No questions asked.

Here I am.

Eradicate assumptionism! Get em while they last!

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