Tonight's Question

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night game.jpgHey kids, kids are having kids.

  • CAN tonight's All-Star game keep us entertained and engaged for its entirety? I'll be here doing some gloggishness, but I reserve the right to bail out at any second like Rob does on Wednesdays.

  • See you then!

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    but I reserve the right to bail out at any second

    I want to add this line added to my upcoming wedding vows

    How many High Lifes will be consumed tonight?

    COnsidering my local Lucky's has 32s of The Life for $1.29 out the door? I'm going with 19.

    + 1, BC. And congrats/condolences.

    from yankee stadium, Join me, joe buck off and tim i'm a real man Mccarver for the 17th all star game (on fox),
    we'll REPEATEDLY bring up josh hamilton, madonna, c-rod, a-rod, bucky dent, lou pinella, babe ruth, and hell, maybe even talk about the game between random non relevant stories from when tim used to squat cowboy style and peak at weiners,

    /on my way to 19 also

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