Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, that laughing gas makes me drowsy.

Then tune in tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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ARE you shocked that Keith Foulke blew another lead for the A's?

Who loves rubber more? Whomever finds the olive oil first.

Rubbers are for sailors

Rubbers are for high school kids.

Laughing gas? When I lived in New Orleans we got a giant tank of nitrous as a housewarming present. We laughed a lot.

What happened to the Manny post you promised for today

Well Matt you've now joined an exclusive club that learns I don't keep promises.

All of the other members are female, though.

2 2/3 innings for Matsusaka. 61 pitches. 31 balls, 30 strikes.

2-1 Boston.

I have no idea how he does this.

Mirrors. And schoolgirl panties.

@ Iracane - are you saying he pitches in a Japanese bathroom stall?

"Japanese bathroom stall" is one of the top ten scariest phrases I've ever heard.

@ CTC - "Chinese Public Square" = shudder.

Fun fact - A.J. Pierzynski and I share the same first two names - Anthony John.

Of course, he's a much better hitter... and I am a much bigger asshole.

Bases loaded no outs for Francoeur. Who is o-15 with the bases loaded.

I predict a double play.

@Matt_T - In Chinese cuisine, it is often an option at dim sum restaurants, served as "phoenix talons".

Best. WNBA. Team. Name. Ever.

I've eaten chicken feet. They were delicious until I found out what they were then they were gross cause i'm a typical american the end.

I'm pretty sure I saw Anthony Bourdain eating chicken anus on "No Reservations" but I can't find video evidence.


Pedroia, a single away from the cycle, just flew out in his 4th AB.

Dice K's era is just unfathomably low given his 7.5/6.5 K/bb ratio


ARE you shocked that Keith Foulke blew another lead for the A's?

Keith Foulke sez, "Go back to Burger King."

WILL the Phillies continue massive pwnge of the Braves?


Man. I am feeling legitimate hatersons against these Rays. Baseball is fun tonight.

Well shit, Rays. Speaking of pwnage.

I am so Emo right now.

CTC, I have eaten chicken feet as well. I worked with Chinese folks for a while. Here's the nasty foods breakdown:

Yak penis > Chicken feet > live shrimp

Did you put the live shrimp on a treadmill before you ate it?

matt T, they used my tongue for a treadmill. There is no worse food experience than feeling those little legs squirm in your mouth as you bite through that crunchy shell.

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