Tonight's Questions

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garfield.jpgHey kids, if it's so unnatural why are those two sparrows giving each other footjobs in the bird feeder?

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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For the A's sake, I hope the Rangers beat the while are Angels.

Um, Farthammer, for your sake I hope you have someone to come pick you up from work. MODERATION, dear.

Or perhaps lack of proofreading is the issue?

Wow Farthammer you Shcruted that one. Because it's a monday after a three day bender weekend I will let you off the hook.


Poor attempt at humor. Read CTC's "hey kids" remark.


Oh... I get it.


I hate when I have to root against Joe Mauer. Megafrownies!

Blame me, not The Hammer.

Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em.

CTC, thoughts on the Rare Vos Belgian-Style Amber from Ommegang Brewery?

Everyone else: thoughts on mocking the Sonics at the Coliseum these next few games?

So much for the Rangers beating the while are Angels...

Fucking Halos

The Rare Vos is good. I tend to go darker (like a quad) when I'm drinking Belgian or "Belgian-style," but I've had the Rare Vos and I enjoyed it. It's got a little sour thing going on that i dig.

Wonderful input. I'll keep you updated with my belgian advenures. I'll also let you know when I switch back to High Life and Natty.

Had the Rare Vos recently, and I agree completely with CTC. I was less than impressed on the first couple sips, but it grew on me as I went along.

Someone keeps texting me with pro-Twins sentiments, but I have no idea who it is, since my phone died. It's kind of annoying, but I gotta applaud the aplomb of a pro-Twinator who calls Kevin Youkilis a faggot without being provoked.

Okajima is terrible with runners on, and now he is coming in with less than two outs and two on.



I'm drinking a Busch right now.


I felt the same way until it worked out. You can make an argument he is one of the top 3 or 4 most important people on this team.


Having a cheap but very refreshing Cotes Du Ventoux.

I agree with Okajima being MASSIVELY important. Insanely so. He's looked good tonight and last night in clutch points. Perhaps he's catching his stride again.

Paps is missing high and middle-in with his fastball. Quick bats can foul enough balls off until they get one they like. It's always been a problem for Paps, but now, he seems frustrated enough to overthrow too much.

HOWEVA-- Youk seals it with a nice play. I never liked the Senators anyway.

Well I'M drinking a Bicardi Silver Mojito Malt Beverage now that the Belgian Beer is gone.

No seriously; they were left over from our 4th of July party. Totally gay on my part.

You're so Malternative.

If drinking free beer makes you gay, then call me Kevin Spacey.

Ran out of Blue Paddle. :(
There are a few cans of Bud leftover from a rafting trip a year ago. Not desperate enough yet to crack one open.


You should see me when a bartender is mashing a Bicardi Mojito in a club. I totally swivel my hips in time with his pestal. Also, I wear a tube top and a miniskirt.

mmm, I must meet this Farthammer. Care to get a Mike's Hard Lite this week with me?

baseball is much less exciting when you're team isn't playing...


If you're team isn't playing, you can watch the A's/Mariners and wonder why Washburn owns them anywhere he pitches from.

I meant "Baseketball"...that's where that's from, right?

Farthammer, you need to cut down on the booze. You just make no sense anymore! STOP THE MADNESS!

Dammitall, you are all right. GET THE BOTTLED MOJITOS AWAY FROM ME

Bottled mojitos, hard lemonade... what the hell is going on in here?

Because it sounds fabulous.

Wes Bankston will be written in on my next 25 ballots for All Star.

Holy crap, Street got a save.

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