Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, that's entertainment.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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WILL Rob's glogging fingers ever recover?

In my day, bloggers didn't have word counts. They just blogged until the game was over and that was it.

LaRussa ruined all that and now you all get your fingers babied.

Does Rob use different fingers to glog than he does to comment?

Because the commenting fingers look fine.

WILL I start drinking before I mow the lawn or after

Let's hope getting rid of Harden was more like the Mulder trade and not like the Hudson trade. Or not like signing Chavez or letting the Raiders come back to town.

What's the matte rwith the Raiders besides their horrible play and irredeemable fans?

Zombie owner ate Farthammer's pig-dog.

You are both close, but wrong. The "matter" with the Raiders is that they came back and convinced the assholes at the Coliseum to build "Mount Davis" and blot out the gorgeous view of the East Bay Foothills.

so...Al Davis didn't invite you to his 4th of July bbq?

The Ghost of Lyle Alzado Future scared Billy Beane into trading Harden.

And yet the Ghost of Lyle Alzado Future was just Ron Santo in a Lyle Alzado mask.

Annnnnnnd Mark Mulder is re-injured after three batters. TO THE TRADE WIRE, MOZELIAK!

Seems to me like the Royals need to either resign or trade Greinke soon... will we see him move in the next coupla weeks?

What the fuck is that? Actual baseball analysis?

mark mulder needs to man up and pitch. he's stealing money at this point.
yours truly,
carl pavano.

So, the Cubs have been accused of going after "Mark Prior II" with Harden....WOULD they dare go after "Rich Hill II" (great hammer, touch of the crazies) with Greinke?

also, I really need to expand my html skills beyond bold and italics.

Orel Hershiser just said 'ballbag'.

yeah, but what did Steve Phillips call him first?

A cunt.

CTC, Duvel Golden Ale. It's ok, but what really sets it apart is that it says "pour unhurriedly," which I was unaware was a word.

It also got me drunk after 2 sips.

I may not be a beer snob, Farthammer, but I love me some Duvel, especially in the wacky glass.

I now feel like it's the best beer ever. MOstly because I'm almost done with the bottle after 10 minutes and Jack Hannanananan just leveled the Mariners' catcher. Also because Rob likes it...I like anything he likes. Although we both know 2006 was the greatest MVP selection ever.

Fucking Blanton and his bullshit. Also, Kurt Suzuki got hosed by the homeplate umpire.


I'm glad that I'M THE ONE that supported Mr. Hamilton for the ASG.

Cool. Texas wins while Blanton continues his quest to eat himself out of a job.


It's cool; we have an injured Santiago Casilla/Jairo Garcia pitching. I fully expect at least 2 runs.

I for one am glad to have Blanton out of my division. Maybe now Oakland can see how third place feels for the next five years or so.

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