Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, check out your local purveyors of televised baseball to find out:

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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My ornithologist always grabs my balls and makes me cough.
I hate that.

Morneau tater tot. Kid's 5-for-5. Okay bc twins fan, you win today.

morneau. Morneau!


[shakes fist upward, aerial camera pans out]

Man my coworkers are happy now. Work has been a little unpleasent for them the last couple of days with the whole sweep thing.

More gnu?

215pm seems like a good time to stop working, enjoy this burrito, and start drinking various beers on one's b-day.

Greg Smith has the greatest pickoff move ever.

Is the burrito wrapped in a pancake?

No pancake. But Embree and Casilla should be, because they are terrible.

I don't know what that means.

ornithologist - From the Greek Ornis; the pursuit of balance between wins and losses

Those of you living in protest on top of tall buildings, bridges and billboards, waiting until Willie Bloomquist got his first extra base hit of 2008 before descending: You may now join the rest of us in enjoying terra firma.

Aaaand the M's lose. On an Emil Brown ding dong, no less.

I thought they acquired Murton so they wouldn't have to use Brown anymore.

DAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! What a birthday present that was! It was like they manufactured runs with solo taters.

Guldeen Draak beer, brewed in Santa Barbara is our next entry in the "Farthammer tries every belgian beer available to him and tells no one in particular about it." Light amber hue, sweet aroma, and a delightful nutty flavor with hints of fruit and Emil Brown Homers.

Grotten Brown Belgian Ale from Pierre Cellis. Pretty bland for a belgian ale. In other words, I'll drink it really fast.

You sonsabitches got room for one more Twins fan. I like beer too, eh.

Huh, Torii Hunter ends Angels half of 10th with strike out and go-ahead run at second. Get used to Angels fans.

What? Nobody cares?

I'll never get used to Angels fans, considering I never met one until 2002.

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