Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, bloggin's hard, y'all.

  • WILL you all get sore at me for closing up shop early today?

  • HOW will we spend the only night of the season without televised baseball competition?

  • DO you want to go out for some steamed hams?

So tune in tomorrow where we'll forget the All Star Game ever happened and start talking some real good second half baseball stuff.

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I'm going to get a hair cut! Wheeee.
(come back soon baseball)


I thought steamed hams were more of an Albany thing.

HOW long have we been discussing the "human condition" on this site? (I just noticed the change in the title.)

DID you guys give up on the "humor" part?

DO you want to write a post about my softball team turning a triple play last night? You know, since there's no baseball and all.

And you call them steamed hams despite the fact that they are obviously grilled...

1. About two months
2. Not on purpose
3. I'd write a post about it but I think you just said all that needs to be said

The Northern your kitchen?


Can I see it?


Seymour, the house is on fire!

No, mother, it's just the Northern Lights.

Now do the one with the very tall man who drove the very small automobile.

"But the home fries are great!"

Actually, Rob, we've learned a great deal today: a bit more about Gary Carter's narcissism, Ichiro's unmistakable allure, a sad turn of events in Farthammer's life, and that's not even counting the Village People. All of this while keeping vigil for CTC, whose eye sockets still ooze. All-in-all, a busy day for having no baseball.

1. About as sore as your mom got the other night.
2. With your mom.
3. No thanks... I prefer your mom's cooking IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT.

1.) Nah.

2.) Sex with wife. Missionary.

3.) Maybe after the sex.

1.) Only when I pee.
2.) It's a clear discharge with a little blood in it sometimes.
3.) She was a one-nighter on a vacation in Haiti, I have no way of contacting her.

1) sorey
2) having beers with Richie Sexson
3) ham is a waste of bacon

Holy crap. The Aristocrats is on right now, and my fiance watched about 45 seconds of it in complete and utter shock. Funniest expression I have ever seen.

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