Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, I'm fixing a hole where the burglars get in.

  • WILL the Mets' hot streak translate into the second half? They've got the right guy on the mound to start things off against the Reds.

  • ARE the Tigers going to score 551 runs in the second half of the season to get to a thousand and not make my preseason predictions look dumbtarded? They get Mags back and kick off side 2 of the 2008 mixtape against the Orioles.

  • CAN Jake Peavy join the illustrious ranks of guys who won the Cy Young without making the All Star game? I have no idea who is actually in those ranks but I wouldn't put anything past that dude. He and the Padres take on Kyle Lohse and the Cardinals.

  • WERE you deprived of baseball enough last night to watch Bucs/Rox?.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Lets reach 1000 the Tiggers need about 8 runs a game from here out...

With the Tilde back, all is possible!

The Angels could do it

I like UseTheForceLukeWalton's version better.


@ honeynut

I like the way you think, sir.

Tomorrow the Tribe begins their ascent to the top of the AL Central, making my pre-season prop bet for them to win the pennant look brilliant and providing me lots of beer money. Book it. Done.

I won't hold my breath

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