Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, don't get sentimental.

  • WILL you be watching the Mets and Phillies play King Of The Hill at Shea? Blanton makes his Phillies debut against some guy named Johan.

  • CAN Clayton Kershaw's return from beautiful Jacksonville spur the Dodgers over the Rockies and keep them in first place?

  • HOW many bases loaded jams will Daisuke Matsuzaka get himself into and then out of against the Mariners? If there were a stat for this he would already be the all-time career leader.

  • WILL the Indians make it eight out of nine and if so, HOW SOON will it be forgotten when they lose their next ten?

  • WHO needs this series in the desert more: The Cubs or The Snakes?

  • IS the Texas offense going to roll straight through the White Sox staff? They got a good start last night.

  • WHAT'S a dorkier last name: Slowey or Rasner?

In a bit of site news, the "search" function is broken. We've lately become popular with some spambots that are tossing monkey wrenches in our fine tuned blogchine. So stay away from that, but join us tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Too many questions

Also, don't click any tags or you'll blow up the server farm.

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Hey Ed Wade: what the Fuck...Randy Wolf? You realize you're out of contention, right?

As per the beat reporter just now Bobby Cox suspended for tonights game.

I totally just read the "PREVIOUS" post area as "The Wil Cordero Memorial Cockpunch." Lookit what I've become! I hope you're happy, WoW!


Jesus, Iracane, you're like the typhoid Mary of bad IT service.

Too many Twins fans here tonight in the Bronx. Is it bad etiquette to tell them to eat a bag of dicks?

HOW does one eat a bag of dicks?

HOW much longer will we be getting this MLB Extra Innings free preview?

AM I going to start cutting myself if I see the terrible MLB Extra Innings self-promo one more time?

Braves load bases.
Braves don't score
yet again.


It is not bad etiquette; rather it is encouraged.

However, a Yankees or Red Sox fan getting irked by opposing fans coming into their stadium would be like me getting offended at some overbearing drunk in the A's parking lot with a 40 of OE telling my fiance to show her other words; hypocritical.

Show her ass? That's stupid.

/breast man

A girl EXPECTS a drunk guy to yell about her tits. If you yell for some ass...that's the money play right there. That's how me and my fiance met.

@ Farthammer
Pff. That's the easy way to get a wife. The Indonesian Bridal you're talking about a story.

The only thing more intriguing to me than an indonesian wife is the fact that the A's won.

I wish we had Mets fan readers so I could poke them with a stick to see if they're still breathing after that ninth inning clusterfuck.

Nevermind, I'm glad we have no Mets fan readers.

Guh, it's terrible watching the Sox hit against a knuckleballer. Is this how the rest of the league feels when they face Wakefield?

Wait, the Mets lost that game? Holy shit. That's what they get for deriving their color scheme from the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants (this bit of MLB Fun Trivia is brought to you by Farthammer)

Can't believe the Mets lost.
Huh, Luis Ayala is the only Nats player remaining from the Expos team.
Molina! That slow-ass fucker has two homers already!

I need those sites registered relatively soon.

@Farthammer: you owe me a beer as a consultation fee. Pay up at a Giants game.

Every comment in this WoWUAN thread made me giggle.

In other words, I have lowered my standards.

Phillas, I will let you know the next time I get drunk enough to let one of my SF buddies convince me to take Caltrain up to the ballpark to watch the Giants. It takes less alcohol if Lincecum is throwing.

By the way, I was at the Brewers game last Friday at a luxury box. Holy shit are those things way better than A's boxes. Who woulda thunk that?

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