Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, those aren't sirens.

  • DO you think when the Rays and Royals get together nowadays the Royals are all like "Hey guys, remember when you used to be bad like us?" But the Rays just kind of ignore them and keep playing catch, totally forgetting their roots?

  • CAN the Brewers pull off the 4 game sweep of the Cards? Ben Sheets vs. Todd Wellemeyer.

  • IS it a coincidence that the Cubs and Marlins start their series on the same day Bartman turned down the autograph offer? No, those scumbag promoters planned it that way, I'm sure.

  • HEY you guys wanna play Uno or Scrabble or something? The Padres and Pirates are on.

Then tune in tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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WILL I get as drunk as I did last night and do some WoWuaning with CTC til 1 AM again?

Fuck yeah dude, as long as we still got that Extra Innings previw.


I'm sure we do, but there are no late games tonight. Sad face.

Will I attempt to eat a Vedder-sized batting helmet full of ice cream tonight?

Will I take advantage of a ladyless night to do things often thought to be "fun" or "illegal"?



Giants vs Nats: Redding and Cain pitched the entire game. No relief pitchers used.
Game time: 2 hours.

Shit. I missed the whole day.

Guhhh, the free preview ended. And I'm way too cheap to buy the package.

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