Veggie Dogs Join Cracker Jacks, Taters & Ding Dongs

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VEGGIES_sm.jpgJohanna McCloy wants to make it easier for Prince Fielder fans to be more like their hero. For the past 8 years, she's been campaigning MLB parks to add meatless dining options to the concessions. It turns out, instead of being about the head and shoulders with polish sausage, the venues have been rather accommodating. In fact, due to her herbivorical vigilance 15 parks are now serving steakless tube steaks. From today's LA Times:

"I just thought it needed to happen because there was a certain percentage of the fan base at any given stadium that probably would not be eating at all, would bring their own food or would resort to eating only peanuts," McCloy says. "It seemed like it made good business sense. It never dawned on me that it would take off like it did. I got this following -- it was bizarre -- and I went with it."

As an actress who says her main claim to fame was a guest spot on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- "I was one of only two women who made out with Worf in seven seasons," she says -- McCloy was used to unconventional followings.

But this was different.

The Chicago White Sox were the first big league team to offer veggie dogs, McCloy says, and 14 more followed, among them the Giants.
Wait a second. She made out with the piano playing dog from The Muppet Show? Kinky.

Anyway, I was a vegetarian for five years before college. There are plenty of really tasty meat alternatives out there, several of which have stayed in my cooking even since going back to consuming dead flesh. There are tasty simulations of chicken, sausage, and ground beef. All that being said, veggie dogs are unequivocally the worst tasting shit ever. They've never gotten it right and they never will.

Johanna, I appreciate your efforts but maybe you should just focus on getting more veggie burritos up in here.

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You know what's better than meat alternatives? Not pretending to eat meat and just enjoying a carrot for its carroty goodness. And then following that up with tete de veau.

Anyway, I was a vegetarian for five years before college.
Even living in SF, I can smell your smugness three thousand miles away.

It turns out, instead of being about the head and shoulders with polish sausage


Bill Swerski's Super Fans would disapprove.

So it wasn't until college that you gave into your long-repressed craving for meat?

Citizen's Bank serves a vegetarian Cheese Steak that my wife thinks is out of this world (it's made from seitan, I believe). I am of the opinion that it tastes like Soylent Green on a roll. But hey, we only have to wait in a 30-minute line to get it! Mehhhhhhhhh.

A vegetarian cheese steak? Could it be...........SEITAN?

/Church lady disapproves

Big time agree on the horribility of veggie dogs.

I suppose you can't spell "Rowlf" without "Worf"...

In defense of veggie dogs, if you wrap one in bacon, cover it in chili, and serve it over a flat iron steak, they can be quite delicious.

peanuts and pretzels are all the meatless dining options I need at the ball park.

Set stun guns to veggie.

part-time vegetarian hipster

Great, now I'm starving. We got any vegi-burritos?


I just left California late last night so that explains it.


I'm going to knock your block off with my messenger bag.

I like vegetarian dishes as long as they have meat in them.


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