Village People Reunite Somewhere Other than Fire Island

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Perhaps you are familiar with the Yankee Stadium 'tradition' of the grounds crew dancing to the YMCA while they rake the field between innings. Well last night during the All Star Game, the Yankees had a major surprise and had the real live Village People lead the crowd after the sixth inning.

Personally, I think calling the grounds crew's performance a 'tradition' is an insult to the word 'tradition'. Grouping that nonsense together with real traditions like 'playing Sinatra after a win' and 'wearing pinstripes' and 'embracing asshole comedians' is ridiculous. Enough already, we get it, the grounds crew knows how to spin around and put their arms up while they rake the goddamn field. Just stop already. You've seen it once, you've seen it a million times.

Still, when the Village People were announced last night as a special guest, I got excited! After all, this was a real surprise! Everyone already knew the hall-of-famers were gonna show up, everyone knew Yogi would throw out the first pitch, and everyone knew Steinbrenner was going to be wheeled around the Stadium on a gurney. BUT NOBODY KNEW THE FUCKING VILLAGE PEOPLE WERE GOING TO BE THERE. Well, almost all the Village People, save for the dead biker dude.

Photo by BenYankee

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Will Leitch's constant visits to Fire Island drove up real estate prices beyond the reach of each Village Person.

The YMCA "tradition" is probably worse than the wave, but I'll defer to matt_t for a final attribution of "cockpunchability".

Zombie Jesse Helms was not pleased.

I was reading the widipedia article on the biker dude and apparently all of the members of the band were gay. Who knew?

The wave is worse because everyone does it DURING the game. At least the YMCA is during a break.

High on my cockpunch list, "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" as part of the 7th inning stretch in Atlanta.

They used to play "Country Boy" at old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore too. The rubes and hillbillies LOVED it.

CTC wore his ass-less chaps while glogging as a tribute...and because he wears them every Tuesday.

Any jerkstores here lawyers or law school grads? I had a legal question.

When I went to a Yankees/Orioles ALCS game in '96 in Baltimore, the PA jerks started playing "New York, New York" during the eighth inning break and then played that hack 'record album screeching to a stop' sound effect, and then went right into "Thank God I'm a Country Boy". All them folks started hootin' and a-hollerin', regardless of the fact that the O's were down 8-4 at the time. Yes, Camden Yards is way too close to West Virginia.


Highest VD Rate in country (including crabs)
Highest illiteracy rate in country
Perennial top 5 most murderous city
Smells like Siragusa's wet farts

New York:

Everything associated with the Yankees

I'm going to have to call it a toss-up.

I'm not a lawyer per se but the best advice I can give you is: "a shovel and some lime solve 99% of life's problems".

Snoop and Chris taught me that instead of a shovel, you need a nail gun and some vacant lots.

Seriously though, if a guy gets sentenced "16 to life" when will he be eligible for parole?

i was wondering where manny and a-rod went after the 3rd inning. they look marvelous.

I'm embarrassed to say this, but that seems like a good question to post on Deadspin. That place is filthy with lawyers and law-schoolers.

Not only can I not go to Deadspin (work firewall), but I hear they have some commenting nazi who rejects everyone.

I dont think you will be eligible seeing as you're from oakland. If you were an athlete on the other hand...

I think eligibilty if granted after a third of the time served so five years of so. It depends a lot on the severity of the crime, however, as well as good behavior and that sort of thing

YMCA > cotton eye Joe

A) I am not from Oakland, but the East Bay, so close enough.
B) Thank god it is not me, but a friend because
C) it is second-degree murder of which he was convicted.

@ Farthammer: Was there a baseball bat involved? Because if so, I might have read about it on WoW.

That sucks dude. Here's the only thing I was really able to find.

The sentencing judge determines when people convicted of second degree murder are eligible for consideration for parole, which can be set between 10 and 25 years. The Judicial Review provisions also apply for second degree murder if the parole eligibility date is set beyond 15 years (See: "The Role of Parole" section, Judicial Review question). Inmates incarcerated for second degree murder become eligible for consideration for unescorted temporary absences and day parole three years before their full parole eligibility date

Keep in mind, even after five years at Davis I'm only an office bitch, not a lawyer so take from it what you will.

Awesome; thanks benno.

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