Walkoff Walk All Star Game Liveglog Will Entertain and Educate

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While yours truly heads out to The Stadium for the All Star Game tonight to boo Billy Wagner and cheer Derek Jeter, my associate Camp Tiger Claw will keep the home fires burning with his very own liveglog, tonight at 8PM.

So tune your teevees to FOX, set your laptops out on the coffee table, pop open a bottle of your favorite beer and head over to dubya dubya dubya dot walkoff walk dot com for some of the most entertaining All Star Game livegloggery on the Internet.

I'll do my best to pipe in with some mobile commenting from the Bronx, so if you want to join in as a commenter, follow this handy-dandy link.

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"Camp Tiger Claw will keep the home fires burning while furiously masturbating to the Red Sox all-stars.'"

Don't be ashamed I'll be doing the same thing while A-Rod, Jeter, and Mariano are on the field.

Oh no... a CTC liveglog? Let me save you all the trouble of coming over here this evening:

8:15 pm. Whoops sorry I'm late, I forgot I was supposed to do this thing because I'm too cool to care.
8:22 pm. Someone make me some dinner I'm hungry.
8:37 pm. Yay now I have pizza.
8:41 pm. Oh shit I guess it's like 4-1 AL, some shit happened and Ben "Stained" Sheets is now out of the game. Sorry I forgot to glog that shit, but here is a link to a YouTube of some hipster band I like.
8:55 pm. Jim Leyland blah blah blah.
9:03 pm. Fuck this. Where the fuck is Rob?

@FutureMrs. - you need to change your name. With that attitude you are already, obviously, someone's wife.

If you're implying that I'm maritally connected to CTC in any way, let me be the first to say: gross.

That's just like, your opinion, man.

Could this turn into FMCTC?

He treats objects like women.

You got one thing wrong in your prediction there. There's no chance the game even starts by 8:15

By the way, I had to add to this since I missed a chance earlier due to being on the west coast and it was like 400 posts ago.

While Hamilton is a great story and his 1st round display was awesome, I feel bad for Morneau. Not only did that worthless piece of ass E.A. slap him in the face to interview 2nd-place Hamilton first, she then mispronounced his name. Something like "Marnoo." THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR NEVER DOING DRUGS AND WINNING THE CONTEST, JUSTIN.

Ok, that is all I will say. Sorry I am late to the party.

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