We All Need To Follow Ten Year Olds More Often

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kid.jpgYou want pragmatism? You like your pragmatism served with a heaping helping of Brent Musberger, Korean ringers and attention starved moms that pin picture of their kids to their visors and are always on television? Then have I got some good news for you. Limited instant replay will be used in this year's Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.

Replay would be used "to overturn an obvious wrong," said Dennis Lewin, chairman of Little League's Board of Directors.

The rule limits replay to instances in which a batted ball "leaves the field of play at or near the outfield fence, or should have been ruled out of the field of play" at or near the fence.

A Little League "game operations replay official" would need "clear and convincing" evidence to overturn an umpire's ruling on the field, according to the rule.

Replays would likely be rarely used, (Little League President Stephen) Keener said, and if used would likely cause a delay of 30 to 45 seconds.

"I think that's easily a fair trade off," Keener said Tuesday in an interview with The Associated Press at league headquarters. "I think everyone would agree that getting it right is most important."
Hell, yes. Stephen Keener for MLB Commissioner! Shit, Stephen Keener for US President! Neither players, onfield umps nor coaches will be able to request a replay. It's usage will be determined by "a Little League replay official and an umpire in the booth."

Wow, that makes entirely too much sense. Is it at all possible that eventually MLB will pattern a system for its own game modeled after one created IN LITTLE LEAGUE? If that happens, I can think of no finer and more succinct indictment of the ineffective leadership that has plagued baseball's last twenty years.

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Ten Year Olds Can Show Us How to Judge Our Balls

It's a good thing Bud Selig reads Wow. Bud, do something!

Kids On Tape

I like following 10 year olds in a windowless van.

"Hey there musclely arms, do ya like popsicles?"

Next thing you know MLB players are going to start lying about how old they are... oh... nevermind

And they will start crying when they don't get to play


As long as the instant replay is used for slo-mo shots of Erin Andrews walking away from the camera, I'm in favor.

By "an obvious wrong", do they mean two weeks of televising ten-year-olds crying?

What's the best thing about twenty eight year olds?

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