Weekend Questions

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pouting kid.jpgHey kids, another week in the books. Time to get plenty of rest and work on those resumes!

Alright, I was just kidding about the rest and resumes thing. Hope everyone has a good peak of the summer weekend. Get out there and get mildly dangerous. We'll have some morning posts for you Sat & Sun to hang around on if you're in watching some games.

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I like Lobster baby way better than Angry Baby

I think this baby grew up to be the Keystone Light "Bitter Beer Face" guy.

I just love Walkoff Walk so much. Have a good weekend all!

Hey Rob, I'm going to Family Night at Richmond County Bank ballpark on Staaaaaaaten Eyeland. I think I get a free SI Yanks hat. If they have any kids' sizes, I'll grab one for you.

Just don't forget which section you parked in, and which Galant is yours. No, the OTHER one with the body kit. Nope, nope, yup, THAT one.

/wonders how he drove to work there every day for 3 years

We lead the blogosphere in baby pictures. I'm totally cool with that.

CTC: Pete Townshend begs to differ.

This MLB thing ofr the iphone is amazing. I just watched Aramis Ramirez's 3 run tater

I'm gonna get Pete Townshend-dangerous this weekend... wait, what?

Is that Don Zimmer?

Don't forget the return of King Felix tonight!

Oops. Hope his ankle is fit.



In about 7 hours I'll be heading home from 6, um, glorious(?) days of sun with my chic and her family. I feel this is a good time to pass on what I have learned this week.

-When going on vacation in July, it may not be a good idea to get as close to the sun as fucking possible. Come January, I'm gonna head to Wisconsin and see if the reverse is true.

-When going on vacation, it may not be a good idea to go with your chic and her family. If you are dumb enough to do so... drink heavily. Actually, that's my advice for everything, so take that however you want.

-Lastly - and this is why I am posting this on a baseball blog - if you come to Daytona in the summer... go to a Daytona Cubs game on Thursday night. It's Thirsty Thursday (of course) and they have a kick-ass bar down the right field line called the "bullpen" that stays open after the game and is packed with lovely young co-eds.

I just spent a week in a condo right next to an entire high school cheer-leading squad. It was so nice to be in a place where I was pretty sure all the females where at least legal. Plus, Hey! That's Jody Davis managing!

/sings Jody Davis song that Harry sang sooo many times in the mid 80's.

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