Weekend Questions

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nose to nose.jpgHey kids, that's not an angel, it's a burglar.

  • WITH Beckett v. Joba, the return of Papi and The Yankees playing as well as anyone in the AL, is this Sox/Yanks series actually deserving of a little hype? I say yes.

  • HOW different will the top of the AL Central look come Monday morning? The White Sox/Tigers series is huge. The Tigers still have blood on their lips from the Kansas City series, and the White Sox have lost 6 of 10. Minnesota travels to Cleveland and the Twins have been getting their asses handed to them away from the Metrodome. Things wont be any easier tonight against Cliff Lee. Keep and eye on both of these

  • CAN the Mets capitalize on a home series against an absolutely reeling St. Louis club? The Phillies host the middling Braves and the NL East Lead could flip flop all weekend.

  • WILL Texas leapfrog Oakland out West?

  • WOULD you be surprised to see Milwaukee roll right through the Astros and come out with an 11 game winnings streak? It's certainly not impossible. My boy Manny Parra goes tonight. The Cubs need to hang on against those feisty Marlins.

Man there's a lot of good stuff on tap. I didn't even touch the NL West (3 in a row for the Giants, baby!). Have fun with this weekend. When you come in from your swim make sure to check out what Lloyd has for you. Just towel off first so you don't ruin your computer.

Also, good luck to Farthammer with his Jeopardy audition. If he gets on the show we're all taking a WoW field trip to cheer him on.

Don't haze the new guy too hard. We'll see you on Monday.

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To be fair, this is an audition to get an audition. If that fails, I'll just hit a half-court hook shot in front of the security guard.

I'll show you middling!

/goes 5-5 in next 10 games.

I think I had an audition for least reliable Walkoff Walk guest columnist over the past few months. I think I won!

Where do they film Jepardy?

Nate Robertson will be happy to demonstrate how to properly deflate a winning streak.

I'm away from my computer all day and I miss a sweet brawl, a sweeter meltdown, and now they've added a typist to this weblog. I'M NEVER DOING WORK AGAIN.

Anyone going to CBP tonight? I acquired Jair Jurrjens in a trade this week, and now I get to watch him pitch. WHEEEEEEEE

/no one cares about my fantasy team or my plans, I get it


a weekend typist

My bad.

We all care man.

I'm headed off to Sox/Yanks in mere minutes, but I forget who's on my fantasy team.

You don't get to shoot at Ghana or the Sudan, Farthammer. You get South Africa.

Hey, they have the Internet in Maine.

BC Twins, prepare to enter a world of pain.

Farthammer, do the "three people who have never been in my kitchen" thing. I bet they NEVER get enough of that.

I am not going to cleveland this weekend.

I will be at home watching the game tonight so if you want to talk trash during the game I will check the site every once in a while. I used to have my computer and my TV in the same room when I lived in my appartment but now that I have a house we have seperate rooms for the computer and the TV so I can't be on the computer constantly while watching the game. Damn moving up in the world.


Just got home from the office and checked in. Haven't seen it but looks like it's one of those "Cliff Fucking Lee" nights. 31 of his first 46 pitches were strikes? Sweet.

If it's any consolation my asshole yankee fan buddy roots against Cliff just in the hope his failure helps Mo Rivera get a Cy Young. Fuck him, and them.

I agree with you on the last part. Livan makes me hate all things Cuban. At least this means we will see Liriano sooner. Go Twins!!!

You guys are playing chippy as hell, getting as much as anyone does against Cliff. Now stop dropping the ball in the field you might be in business.

I wish they could run up the count a little more on Lee. He is going to pitch teh 8th here. It's funny that the Twins lefties are the only ones doing anything against Lee.

There is no other explanation:

Joba Chamberlain hates Jews.



The fuck of it all is that Kobayashi is a damn good pitcher. Every time he gives up a crucial home run to blow a fucking game it's on a good pitch.

Good game. I wish we didn't have that fat Cuban start the game. It could have been a lot better.

Thank frigging heaven.

Tomorrow we start Fausto. The Sad thing is the idea of us having a shot at the playoffs with a 1-2-3 of CC, Cliff and Fausto used to get me hard. No more.

Good night. My significant other is already mad at me for drinking too much scotch and yelling at the TV so I should go and take care of her.

Just got back from the Phils game. Three thoughts:
1. The Phillies need to snap the fuck out of it
2. Jair Jurrjens has filthy stuff on occasion
3. The Phillies' "Christmas in July" promotion delighted my wife to no end. They mocked up all of the player photos to make them look like elves. There was tinsel and garland as far as the eye can see. Oh, and I got a free cheesesteak while waiting in the long-ass line for said cheesesteak.


yankees get Nady and Marte. WTF cashman

yankees get Nady and Marte. WTF cashman

Trabeck ain't seen the last of me.

/Trabeck wasn't actually there
//Farthammer is sad he didn't make it
///crushes 16oz bud light

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