West Allis Baseball: "Now I Kill Your Car"

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walter.JPGDo you see what happens James Jankowski? Do you see what happens James Jankowski? This is what happens James Jankowski when you fuck the West Allis Central High School Baseball team in the ass.

According to Greenfield Police, five athletes along with about a dozen other students damaged cars by breaking windows, slashing tires, and writing obscenities on the vehicles. Some of the suspects include star athletes, and victims don't understand why they'd do something like this.

"You think they would be fine, upstanding kids if they're into sports," says victim James Jankowski. "They have other things to do than damage other people's property."
You're totally right James. None of the high school athletes I've ever known were jackasses.

This being the town of West Allis, WI most of these guys make up the bulk of all the other sports teams. The principal says "their suspension could affect other teams as well." They're not big time like those a-holes over in East Allis with all the specialized, non car destroying athletes.

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Wisconsin! Über Allis!
Wisconsin u-u-be-er Allis

Welcome back, CTC.

maybe they just realized that they were raised in Wisconsin, it'd make me want to break shit

"No, no, no, you're supposed to use the tire iron on the knee!"
-Tonya Harding

Kids a real brat...fucking...social studies.

I hope you know I pack a chainsaw
I'll skin your ass raw
And if my day keeps goin this way
I just might
Break your fucking face tonight
Give me something to break!

Don't mess with DeJesus, or else he will break up your perfect game/no-hitter.

It's like the old saying, when you fuck with De-Jesus, you get the thorns.

/upset that he stretched for a sacrilegious pun

Yup, sounds like Stallis. A lot of douches with mullets round dem parts.

The guy drives a Beetle, so let's not rule out a hate crime here.

In my day we just played Mailbox Baseball. Things were simpler then.

Allis? Allis? Who the fuck is Allis?

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