When It Rains It Pours: Tony Clark a Diamondback (Again)

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Holy crap, as if the Richie Sexson deal wasn't enough to get you excited today, then get ready for Tony Clark's homecoming trade that sends him back to Phoenix.

    Under his contract with the Padres, Clark would have received $500,000 from the Padres if traded, but he waived that clause in order to complete the trade.

Now that's desperation to get out of San Diego! "Hey, current team that is under-performing. I'll give you $500,000 to trade me to a team that is also under-performing, but less so." (note: those are not Tony Clark's actual words)

This sets up Arizona with the 36-year-old, six-foot-seven first baseman with one tater tot in 88 at-bats on the season. PERFECT! Oh hey wait, I remember that one tater tot.

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It's Very Tall Player Trade Day! Next up: a massive 3-team trade in which the Rangers trade away Dustin Nippert and Kameron Loe for Miguel Batista and a season-long supply of barbecue sauce.

Here comes the story of the iracane,
The man the authorities came to blame

Guys, I'll save you the trouble and write the wrapup post for today.

Hey kids, kids are tall these days.

WILL Clark and Sexson combine for double digit tater tots for the rest of the season?

HOW will Yankee Universe react to Sexson's first golden sombrero?

HOW much longer do I have to work (or at least pretend to) today?

I can't wait until real baseball starts again.

Careful, Luke. You are one more sentence from getting hired by Rob and CTC.


If Luke had linked to a folksy ballad or something off of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, he'd be on the payroll already.

Also, since things happen in threes, look for either Adam Laroche or Ross Gload to get dealt sometime this evening.

I can't wait for one of them to release a battle rap about a former teammate, asking how their ass tastes.

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