Who Wants to Play Shortstop for the Dodgers?

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Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal was having the April of his life before injuring his back in May. He was getting on base at a .448 clip and he socked five tater tots in just 32 games. Kid was supposed to come back near the All Star break, but lower back surgery put that return date off until September.

In the 57 games since Furcal's back hit the skids, Joe Torre has used an unhealthy combination of Angel Berroa, Chin-Lung Hu, Luis Maza, and yes, Nomar Garciaparra at short. All those fellas mixed up would give anyone a case of the heartburn. Nomar at short plus Jeff Kent at second base would pretty much open up the middle of the infield for an explosion of ground ball singles, aka Derek Lowe Syndrome.

So what is wacky general manager Ned Colletti to do? He already decided not to give up outfielder Matt Kemp in the CC Sabathia sweepstakes. Fair move. Now Neddy needs a shortstop, so he's going after the obvious solutions to his problem: Jack Wilson or David Eckstein.

Wilson is the longest tenured Pittsburgh Pirate and has never been much of a 'professional hitter'. No matter, he's got a stellar glove and he's quite popular amongst the Yinzer faithful. Sorry Ned, he's probably staying put.

As for Eckstein, his Blue Jay team is quite ready to dump him. They're looking for a longer term solution at shortstop who can actually, you know, hit and you know, field. Fella's gonna be a free agent at the end of the season anyway so the Jays won't suffer if they don't get rid of him right away. Try again, Ned.

It's a seller's market, for sure. If Ned makes no trades and if something completely expected happens (i.e. Nomar getting hurt), Colletti will be that much more desperate. I think Maury Wills is available.

(We owe a Coke to Bucs Dugout)

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I'll play.

Perhaps I should re-title it "Who Wants to Play Shortstop Capably for the Dodgers?"

I'm out.

Once Juan Pierre comes off the DL, move Andruw to short.

The paragraph about Eckstein had way more heart than the other paragraphs.

Just talking about the possibility of adding Eckstein has moved the Dodgers' Grit Meter into positive territory.

Eckstein to LA? Don't make me choke up.

Pee Wee Reese is probably available.

"Angel Berroa, Chin-Lung Hu, Luis Maza..." - that's one strange restaurant menu.

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