Your Moment of Verisimilitude: Cable TV Edition

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As per commenter Matt_T, the Braves are shown in high-definition on Comcast cable networks in Atlanta on channel 755. Why is that significant? Hank Aaron ended his storied career with 755 tater tots.

The Yankees are shown in high definition on Cablevision cable networks in New York on channel 715. Why is that significant? Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's storied record with his 715th career ding-dong.

Are the San Francisco Giants games' high definition broadcast shown on channel 762? Or channel 660?

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Giants HD games are shown on LOGO.

I didn't know Rob Iracane moonlights as Jayson Stark. Go figure.

When they are not showing college softball games.

Up until this year the Rays HD games were on channel 666

Phillies HD games are broadcast on Comcast channel 200, which is the number of consecutive seasons the Delaware valley has gone without a championship.

Or so it feels, at least.

I wanted to watch the Nats, but my remote doesn't have imaginary numbers.

The entire NL and AL Central are broadcast on the Food Network.

Hit the * button on your remote to find the Giants HD games.

@ BC Twins - I thought the college softball games were on 6969.

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Last year, Giants games were on 762, but only until the 7th inning if they were losing.
This year channel 762 has been looked over by every market and left out of the lineup.

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