Adam Everett's Mother Dresses Him Funny

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It's been quite the annus horribilis for Twins infielder Adam Everett. First, he went on the D.L. in May with a shoulder ouchie that kept him from playing until August, when the Twins nearly released him, followed soon thereafter with that troublesome encounter with a pepper grinder. To top it all off, he's been caught wearing a defective uniform:


Yes, that's Adam Everett wearing a Twins road uniform that says "MINNESTOA" on the front. (video here) Hmm...Minnestoa? That must be the 51st state, located on an island somewhere in Lake Superior near the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. So how did this mistake get fixed?

The misspelling was caught by former Twins player Denny Hocking, who was watching the game at home on television in Orange County when he noticed something peculiar about Everett's jersey. After double-checking the spelling twice in the at-bat, Hocking sent a text message to one of the visiting clubhouse attendants at Angel Stadium.

So the Twins gave Adam Everett faulty equipment and not a single person in the dugout noticed. Yet Denny Hocking, a stickler for bad spelling with an eagle eye and access to the nuclear hotline, caught the mistake from his living room sofa. Case: closed.

(We owe a strawberry Fribble to David Pinto)

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We aint got good learnin round here

This would've been a nice precedent had it happened before I got pulled over for my "Land of 10,000 Licks" license plate.

heck, the caps have 'TC' on them.
that's not how you spell Minnestoa.
I'm con-fused.

At least you don't have to deal with people mispronouncing Wisconsin and Milwaukee all the time.

@Phillas: TC = "Twin Cities" of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The Twins play in Minneapolis actually.

@ArmansCopyOfSwank: so that's how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop!

It's pronounced "Milly-wah-kay"

And "wisk-CON-skin"

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