An Ode To Artichokes: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:35, Brewers at Reds: Rubber in a must win game for the Brewers. Most of them from here on out are must wins, but dropping a series to the hapless Reds is anathema to winning the division. Jeff Suppan takes on Homer Bailey who has just been epically miserable thus far. Four times this season he's failed to go 5 innings.

  • 12:40, Indians at Rays: The Rays beat the Indians for the first time in 6 tries last night. They'll try to snatch the rubber with Kazmir on the rubber. Jeremy Sowers goes for the Indians looking to build on a recent string of decent to impressive starts. I think this means Fasano will be catching. Neat.

  • 2:20, Astros at Cubs: Doesn't anyone know how to sweep anymore? These two have split the first two. Brandon Backe takes on Jason Marquis. Here's a Mario Paint version of TNT by AC/DC.(Rob's note: I'll be glogging this affair)

  • :3:35, Orioles at Angels: The Angels were made to look a fool last night against Baltimore rookie Chris Waters. They'll try to bounce back today in this... dammit... rubber match. Does anyone know a good synonym for rubber? Don't say condom. Your matchup is Garrett Olson vs. Ervin "Magic Carlos" Santana.

  • 3:40, Pirates at Snakes: Finally a team gets to go to the broom closet. Arizona looks to send Pittsburgh out to the desert with nary a victory. Going for the PIrates today is Jeff Karstens who I totally slagged in his last start. He responded by turning in a six inning shutout gem against the cubs. I won't make that mistake again. I'll attack the other guy this time. Eat shit, Randy Johnson.

  • 3:45, Braves at Giants: These two have spit the first two games of the series. Timmy Lincecum is still spinning and he'll try and keep the Braves freefall going. Chuck James and his 9.47 ERA get the start for the Braves! They should just start one of those seals out on the pier.

  • 4:40 Twins at Mariners: Minnesota grabbed first place after the weekend and rolled into Seattle liking their chances against the worst team in baseball. Then they lost the first two games of the series. This is why you can't have nice things, Twins. Nick Blackburn will try to help them avoid The Most Embarassing Sweep In Baseballâ„¢. He takes on Jarod Washburn.

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Which game will be made THATMUCH better by the dulcet liveglog tones of Mr. Iracane?

CTC, you could use elastic hydrocarbon polymer in place of rubber.

Me glog Cubs game.


Does anyone know a good synonym for rubber?

Joyless sex?

Child Support

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