Angel of Death Arrives at Skip Caray's Funeral

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Otis Nixon emerges from his shadowy lair just long enough to bereave late Braves announcer Skip Caray.

(photo stolen from Ben Gray at the AJC)

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I agree that it's funny that Otis looks scary,
But I feel kind of bad this is our first post about Caray.

Otis didn't actually know there was a funeral, that's just his usual panhandling spot.

(RIP Skip)

Holy Shit!!! It's zombie Otis "Crackhead" Nixon!!!

Francoeur looks glad to see him.

"Are you finally here to finish the job? I've been lurching around half-dead all season! RELEASE ME FROM THIS MORTAL COIL OTIS!"

Apparently Otis chose the goblet with all the jewels, and not the cup of a carpenter.

(I used to think the Braves' announcers were the biggest homers ever, then I moved to New York and watched YES. RIP, Skip.)

Even with no eyes Zombie Otis Nixon could still put up a higher OBP than Frenchy's .286


Dhalsim and Guile arrived at the press conference with plenty of optimism for the upcoming tournament.

Francisco Cabrera took time off from changing people's oil to attend. He was quite impressed when Sid Bream slid into the coffin screaming "Braves Win, Braves Win, Braves Win!"

(Skip, rest in peace, man. Seriously.)

This might be the funniest comment thread in a while. RIP Mr. Caray.

I always thought he looked like George Washington.

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