Another Christmas Without Melky Cabrera Under Your Tree

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It has obviously not been the best 2008 for Yankees CF Melky Cabrera. To begin with he's currently Scranton/Wilkes Barre CF . His rough season landed him in Triple-A the same day that Richie Sexson was released. In perhaps the final sign that the Melky Express makes it's last stop in hell, plans for his Todd McFarlane doll are being scrapped. From the press release:

Yankees catcher Jorge Posada is moving out of our New York Yankees 3-pack and into the MLB 23 lineup, replacing Melky Cabrera. It's the third version of Posada in our Sports Picks series, but the first showcasing him in his pinstriped catcher's gear.

The New York Yankees 3-pack is becoming a 2-pack, and will feature both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez in fielding positions, complete with painted pinstripes never before available on these two figures.

A 2-pack? Sounds like the Yankees rotation. Zing! Poor Melky. This is like that time they discontinued Owen Hart's action figure, but it's even worse because instead of dying he had to move to Scranton.

Also, I thought was Steve Garvey's website.

(We owe a glass bottle of Coke to Can't Stop The Bleeding.)

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Luckily, I still have my $180 Dominican's Finest Lithograph to leave under the Xmas tree.

Sweep the leg johnny

the melk man does not get delivered.

"Also, I thought was Steve Garvey's website. "

Actually, its " .

[...]and will feature both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez in fielding positions[...]


and will feature both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez in CATCHING positions


A catching position? So the figure will look like this?

Melky is just going to Scranton to serve as a ringer for the Dunder Mifflin softball team.

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