Axe Handles: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 1:10, Cubs at Braves: The Ernie Banks statue outside Wrigley must have a giant copper boner today, as his Cubbies play two in Atlanta. The first game pits the totally unlovable Jason Marquis against former ladies' shoe salesman Charlie Morton. Remember the stuff I wrote about this game last night? Use it again today.

  • 1:10, Twins at Yankees: Joe Mauer may miss today's game. He didn't play last night either. He has a stiff neck. I had one of those from banging my head at the Spiritualized show last week. There was no way I could have caught against the Yankees the next day either. Today's game features Darrell Rasner against Kevin Slowey, and also one giant Homer. No, not Bailey. Iracane! Rob is gloggin' his team. Be there.

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The Cubs originally were going to throw Harden against Morton but decided to match our terrible pitcher with theirs.

Joe Mauer's little tradition was once just to do all the drugs J. Spaceman sings about before seeing a Spiritualized. But this time, in a daring act of verisimilitude, he contracted double pneumonia before the show. He's such a completist.

Songs In M&N?

Make that 2 giant homers

I was hoping for Homer Bush.

So, once again Iracane and I are rooting for the same team. It's like I am at the nexus of the baseball universe.

So, are you saying I need to pick up Songs in A&E off of eMusic finally?

Is that the implication here?

Is that like being on the corner of 1st and 1st


If you missed the East coast leg of the tour, that will have to do.

Also, Wilco totally destroyed at Tanglewood last night. Best I've seen from them in at least 3 years.

Um... baseball.

Glog glog glog! Glog glog glog!

The Ernie Banks statue outside Wrigley must have a giant copper boner today

I suppose it's better than Atlanta's Chick-fil-A cow sporting a giant steak erection.

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