Baseball After Bedtime: Alone Again Or

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Here's what happened in baseball while I waited patiently for you:

Angels 5, Rays 4: I glogged this one.

Reds 2, Cubs 1: Bronson Arroyo did good. Cubs hitters, eh not so much.

Diamondbacks 8, Padres 6: Adam Dunn hit ball far. Jake Peavy cowers in fear.

Yankees 5, Blue Jays 1: Derek Jeter: still dreamy. Game lasted 142 minutes. Short!

Giants 6, Marlins 5: Brian Wilson blows save; Bengie Molina wins game.

Rangers 9, Tigers 1: Hope you enjoyed your season, Tigers fans. Nate Robertson, your ride's here. Rangers clobber back-to-back dongs in 3rd inning; repeat feat in fourth.

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That's right, Tigers, we're coming for you.

Lyin in bed, er, Givin up runs, just like Brian Wilson did.

My sweat smells like meat.

Round round get around the Marlins get around... um... the bases.

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