Baseball Before Bedtime: Beeswing

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Here's what happened in baseball while busked around the market towns and picked fruit down in Kent:

Mets 5, Braves 4: Mike Hampton and the Braves relievers did a fine, fine job keeping the Mets batters down. Well, except for Carlos Delgado and his four RBI.

Nationals 4, Phillies 3: Carlos Ruiz put the Phils up with a seventh inning ding-dong and then reliever Ryan Madson gave it all back. It's okay, he had a receipt. Nats break their 12-game losing streak and yet immediately forget how to enjoy the nice things in life.

Blue Jays a lot, Yankees a little: Things got so bad for Sid Ponson and the Yankees bullpen that even Marco Scutaro hit a tater tot. But hey, so did Hideki Matsui so it's not all broken glass and sad tomatoes for the Yanks.

Indians 10, Royals 3: Cliff Lee has eighteen wins against just two losses. He's a slam-dunk for the Cy Young, not just for his gaudy record but also his league leading ERA (2.43), his sexy 5.58 K:BB ratio, and his mediocre fansite.

Cubs 3, Reds 2: Carlos Zambrano giveth, Carlos Zambrano taketh away. Oh, I'm not talking about the ding-dong he gave up to Jay Bruce and the tater tot he hit off Josh Fogg, I mean that he once gave me a BoDeans CD for Christmas and then stole it back the next March.

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That's 27 consecutive losses in road games decided by one run.


These Richard Thompson songs never end, do they? It's like watching Steve Trachsel play the guitar.

+10 Honeynut

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