Baseball Before Bedtime: Keep Fishin'

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Here's what happened in baseball while it broke my heart to see you hangin' from your shelf:

Red Sox 6, Orioles 3: Jason Bay tater-totted twice and Jon Lester won his twelfth game of the year. Kevin Millar went 1-for-3 with a double in what will probably be among his last games with the O's before they trade him back to Boston.

Rays 6, Angels 4: Tampa Bay stays 4.5 games ahead of Boston on a pair of two-run ding-dongs, thanks to Eric Hinske and Cliff Floyd. Manager Joe Maddon managed his bullpen with precision, trotting out five gents in relief of starter Andy Sonnanstine with the relievers earning four holds and a save. That was my favorite Hugh Grant movie.

Giants 5, Braves 0: Barry Zito slashed 0.30 off his ERA with seven shutout innings as he toppled the Atlanta lineup with an array of both grit and luck. Also, the five runs of support seemed to help; Zito has gotten zero or one runs from his San Fran mates in 24 of his starts for the team.

Brewers 9, Astros 3: Guess Cecil Cooper was wrong about sweeping the Brew Crew in Milwaukee. HIs weak Astros ran face-first into CC Sabathia's belly and flopped on the infield despite notching 10+ hits and bloating the bases in the ninth. Other NL teams rejoice knowing that Sabathia completed this game while throwing an eye-popping 130 pitches, his season high.

White Sox 13, Mariners 5: This explains why nobody really wanted Jarrod Washburn.

Athletics 3, Twins 2: Minnesota shortstop Adam Everett left the game in the seventh with a bruised right hand. Let the Brendan Harris reign of terror resume!

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Little known fact: Jarrod Washburn's mother put little baby Jarrod in a basket of reeds and floated him down the river.

Atlanta: making bad pitchers look good since 2005

@Chief - and he sailed all the way into Puget Sound?

The NL Central: Exhausting their starters since 2002.

I thought Mike Hampton was on the Braves before O5?

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