Baseball Before Bedtime: Morning Juice Day Two

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Programming note: Baseball Before Bedtime is being simulcast this week with Morning Juice, the early morning recap-fest over at Big League Stew. Here's a smattering of what we done did:

Astros 2, Cubs 0 (8) — Houston won the game, but the real winners were the thousands of people in Wrigley who managed to survive the wild storms. Also a winner (somehow): Brian Moehler.

Reds 6, Brewers 3 — Strange night in Cincinnati. The Redlegs were running a $5 ticket, $1 Hot Dog promotion to get people to come to the ballpark. Well, apparently the increased meat and nitrate consumption incensed vegetarian Prince Fielder because he went after his own pitcher in the dugout. My boy, Manny Parra did not have one of his best outings giving up 6 ER in 6 innings. Matters were made worse when Fielder ambushed him after Parra was lifted for a pinch hitter. Come on guys, is that any way for a team with the 2007 Rookie Of The Year, Ryan Braun to act? It's almost as if Ned Yost has lost control of the team. You mean the same Ned Yost that was all but fired a month into the season? Makes sense to me. Oh yeah, Bronson Arroyo pitched well and Jay Bruce had a ding dong and 2 RBI.

Royals 4, Red Sox 3 — The $55M Man, Gil Meche (not Mache) won his fourth straight start helping the Royals take their seventh victory in eight games. Alex Gordon hit a solo funny bone off of Clay Buchholz. But, the Sox did not go quietly into that good night against The Mexicutioner. They loaded the bases and scored a run on a bumbling Keystone Cops infield hit from Jason Bay that I can't believe wasn't called an error. Sean Casey eventually flew out to end the game. Shucks.

Diamondbacks 13, Pirates 7 — Danny Haren has gone over twenty-four innings without walking a batter. In related news, David Wells has somehow gone over twenty-four weeks without bathing in pancake batter.

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In related news, David Wells has somehow gone over twenty-four days (hours?) without bathing in pancake batter.

There's no way I'm signing up for a Yahoo account, so I can't fix this mistake over there.

I like the writing, and the constant gay innuendos-- but I don't get the shrimp on a treadmill thing...I mean it's kind of interesting, but definitely not that funny, and now that I think about it...not that interesting either.

Well put, Billy D. Well put.

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