Baseball Before Bedtime: Morning Juice Day Four

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Programming note: Baseball Before Bedtime is being simulcast this week with Morning Juice, the early morning recap-fest over at Big League Stew. Here's a sampling of the bridges we burned:

Giants 3, Braves 2 — If he hasn't struck you out yet, Tim Lincecum will come to your house and throw three baseballs at your refrigerator door, politely tip his cap, and move on to your neighbor's kitchen. Kid is just unhittable sometimes, like when he sent down all three Braves hitters with a K in the eighth.

Phillies 5, Marlins 0 — Looks like dating former Survivor contestant Stephenie LaGrossa is serving Kyle Kendrick well. He pitched six scoreless and was helped by Ryan Howard's 32nd homer.

Cardinals 9, Dodgers 6 RYAN LUDWICK IS STRONGER THAN ZANGIEF. Kid hit a home run in his fifth straight game. It came right after Albert Pujols hit a Peanut Butter Blaster Parfait (or as you squares call it a Grand Slam). Manny hit one out but who cares.

White Sox 5, Tigers 1 That's it. Stop the fight. The Detroit Tigers are finished. Dog food. No playoffs for a team I predicted to go to the World Series. John Danks mystified em with his stupid facial hair and stupified em with his mystifying pitching. WordUpThome hit a 3 run bomb. Jim Leyland oughta be ashamed of himself.

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That's 26 straight 1 run road losses for the Braves.

You win this round of "name the grand slam," honeynut. PBBP it is. Stay tuned next week when I come up with a clever moniker for a bases loaded balk.

There are many fluid names for all things baseball here. It's alllll part of the lexicon, kids.

HA! I win. Although the official Dairy Queen name is Peanut Buster Parfait, I WON'T LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH!

/jumps up, clicks heels in air

I'd say Gift Horse is a pretty good name for a bases loaded balk.


Actually I chnange my mind. I think a Gift Horse should be when it's a tie game in the bottom ninth with no one on and two outs on a 0-2 and the batter swins and misses by a mile on a slider in the dirt that gets past the catcher but when the catcher tries to throw out the runner he over shoots the first baseman and throws it somewhere in the nighborhood of the right center gap. Then the CF or RF picks it up and tries to throw out the runner trying to take third. The thrid baseman catches a perfect throw from the CF/RF but the ball flys out of his glove when he tries to tag. The ball then goes into the home teams dougout and the runner is awarded home base on the overthrow. Game over. That should be a Gift Horse.

E. Honda will defeat Ryan Ludwick with HUNDRED HAND SLAP!


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