Baseball Before Bedtime: Morning Juice Day One

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Programming note: Baseball Before Bedtime is being simulcast this week with Morning Juice, the early morning recap-fest over at Big League Stew. Here's a sample of what we done did:

Mariners 8, Orioles 4: The Mariners used a big 7th inning, including a 2 run ribby from Raul Ibanez and the Mariners pulled themselves out of the dustpan. If you had any emotional attachement to this series, I'm sorry for how your 2008 season is going.

Rangers 8, Blue Jays 4: Gerald Laird, one head of the Rangers' Young Catcher Hydra, had two ding dongs and 4 RBI. Dude's Yahoo headshot is priceless. He looks like a 5 year old speed freak.

Rockies 3, Marlins 2 — Hey, remember 2007 NL Rookie of the Year Troy Tulowitzki? He's back from his second DL trip of 2008! And his RBI single helped Colorado split a four-gamer with Florida, keeping the Rox a tidy seven games back in the mediocre NL West. Marlin pitcher Scott Olsen's six shutout innings went for naught.

Astros 4, Mets 0 — Maybe this Ed Wade character was right about something for once. Newest Astros acquisition Randy Wolf hurled five shutout innings as Houston swept the Mets for the first time since the wacky film Mrs. Doubtfire was sweeping the nation. The Mets scored but seven runs in the three game series; things are hitting the dumps at the wrong time for New York as John Maine and Billy Wagner are both dealing with ouchies.

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I'm just excited for the comments.

Maybe this Ed Wade character was right about something for once.

Chacon must have choked some sense into him.

What does a shrimp have to do with anything this is stupid


I would just like to reiterate how fantastic the comments are over there. This will be the best week in the history of ever.

Gotta love that phrase "True Yankee". One of the most meaningless phrases out there in this era of free agency.

You don't get that kind of depth in the WoW comments. He really put that line into perspective.

@Capt Awesome,
That was me.

So wait, we're now the jerks making up all of the dumb comments? I don't know if that makes it less fun or more fun.

Matt_T just ruined my day

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