Baseball Before Bedtime: Pepper

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Here's what happened in baseball while he lost his leg in Dallas dancing with a train:

Reds 5, Pirates 1: I guess Jeff Karstens had to give up a run eventually, or more accurately, three runs in seven innings. New Red callup Chris Dickerson had a hit, walk, and run in the leadoff spot while former leadoff fella Corey Patterson found his groove in the seven hole, collecting two RBI.

Mets 4, Nationals 3: Hey, the Mets got a save! Pedro Feliciano sent the Nats down 1-2-3 in the ninth to save Johan Santana's win, just his third W since June 1st. Damion Easley got the game-winning RBI when reliever Saul Rivera plunked him with the bases bloated.

Indians 7, Orioles 5: Baltimore's four errors help Cleveland win their fifth in a row, moving them ahead of Kansas City for fourth place. I know this is what you've been waiting for, Indians fans! Asdrubal Cabrera! Ben Francisco! Jamey Carroll! Stars on parade!

Blue Jays 6, Tigers 4: Gary Sheffield may be a disgruntled employee but that doesn't mean Gary Sheffield can't ding-dong when Gary Sheffield wants to. Heck, Gary Sheffield will tater tot twice if Gary Sheffield feels like it. Gary Sheffield won't promise any wins, though. Not when the Tiger bullpen allows four seventh-inning runs, spoiling starter Zach Miner's valiant one-run/six-inning effort.

Cubs 0, Braves 0 (PPD): Rain means doubleheader tomorrow. Also, it means plants can grow.

White Sox 9, Royals 0: Javier Vazquez struck out ten Royals in eight shutout innings while opponent Brian Bannister had another night that'll make Joe Posnanski cry into his pillow. This game was completed in a tidy two hours and thirteen minutes; thing move pretty quickly when one team fails to bat more than four gentlemen in any one inning.

Red Sox 19, Rangers 17: Of the eleven pitchers used in this game, here's a list of those who didn't see their ERA skyrocket in this game: Warner Madrigal, Jamey Wright, Hideki Okajima.

Yankees 9, Twins 6 (12): Leading off the twelfth inning, Alex Rodriguez hit yet another meaningless, stat-padding, selfish tater tot. Sure, he put the Yankees up 7-6 but later in the inning, Xavier Nady added a two-run ding-dong that really won the game. HES A TRUE YANKEE

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That's right, Kansas City, eat my ass. Detroit better look out, here we come. The Indians seem to improve each time we dump a member of our starting rotation.

Does it also mean live glogging the game today?


I thought rain meant the gods were pleased with my goat sacrifice :(

Only if the rain leads to a bountiful harvest and fertile sons

BTW, the Philliez hate Cole Hamelz.


I was going over to Atlanta on Sunday to watch Lincecum pitch and now he might skip a start. Without Timmy pitching the reasons for driving 2 hours for a Braves/Giants game are ummmmmmmmm.........nonexistent.

Fuck you, Brad Ausmus!

Why is Ausmus even in the majors?

Fuck you too, Shawn Chacon, you choked the wrong guy!

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