Baseball Before Bedtime: Rockin' the Suburbs

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Here's what happened in baseball while some producers with computers fixed all your shitty tracks:

Red Sox 8, Rangers 4: Mike Timlin tried as hard as he could but not even a former Oriole could give this one away. Sporting an 8-0 lead thanks to the hittin' of Kevin Youkilis and the pitchin' of Josh Beckett Jon Lester, the Sox hung on.

Mets 12, Nationals 0: The Nats kept it pretty close. Well, except for the 8-run third inning capped by David Murphy's three run ding-dong. Hey David Wright, there's only room for one David in this town. Yeah, get lost, Byrne.

Cubs 8, Braves 0: Well according to the line score at Yahoo! Sports, the Cubs no-hit the Braves last night. So congratulations to Rich Harden, Chad Gaudin, Neal Cotts, Kerry Wood, and Sean Marshall for combining on a pseudo-no-hitter!

Cardinals 6, Marlins 4: St. Lou picked up 18 hits and stranded two-thirds of those runners. No worries, Jason LaRue's seventh inning bases-loaded dubble put the Cards up for good.

White Sox 4, Royals 0: Mark Buehrle survived the dino attacks and a poor warmup session to pitch seven innings of shutout ball against KC. Tony Pena Jr went 1-for-3 to raise his batting average to .160 as Trey Hillman used his 95th different batting order. KEEP FISHIN! One of 'em will work one of these days.

Dodgers 7, Phillies 6: Nomar ended this one with a walkoff tater tot. It happened well after I went to sleep, but I swear it wasn't a dream.

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"I think Skip had a better night than the Braves tonight — much better," said manager Bobby Cox


Beckett is so good he uses his mind to control the arm of Jon Lester.

Ha. Can't win 'em all, eh?



Nomah's walkoff tater tot has guaranteed him a lineup spot for the rest of the year, plus a 3 year contract extension at 12 mil per.

The Dodgers. Smart!

It's especially amazing that the Cubs no-hit the Braves, yet Kotchman had two hits. That wacky Yahoo.

Yahoo : Making Up No Hitters Everywhere!

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