Bowery Blues: Today's Afternoon Games

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Yes, it is Liveglog Wednesday, but please note Rob will be glogging the Angels/Rays game at 7:05 PM on ESPN2. You'll be able to follow along on your Teevee and Rob says there will be more "emphasis on funny instead of play-by-play." So tune in tonight, and please be wearing your Member Blazers. On to the afternoon games.

  • 1:10, A's at Twins: Oakland repented for actually winning the first game of the series by getting the farts hammered out of them last night, 13-2. Dallas Braden goes for Oakland and Disco Francisco Liriano goes for the Identicals. This is Minnesota's last home game before they embark on a 14 game, Neocon mandated road trip. DONT FORGET YOUR TOOTHBRUSH!

  • 2:05, Mariners at White Sox: Chicago has pulled back ahead in the AL Central by taking care of business with the lowly Mariners. Speaking of which, if you haven't read Geoff Baker lately, I highly recommend it. The alternating despair and apathy is sublime. R.A. Dickey and his knuckler take the hill against cologne chugging wunderkind, Gavin Floyd.

  • 2:05, Astros at Brewers: It's rubbertime in Cheeseville. My boy Manny Parra looks to break his string of rough outings (5.70 ERA in his last 5 starts) against Wandy Rodriguez. The Brewers are 6 out in the Central but still hold a 2.5 game lead over St. Louis in the Wild Card. STL CAN NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. I BEG YOU, MILWAUKEE. DO IT FOR ME.

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Man, Farthammer is gonna be PISSED.

Rob glogging Rays/Angels over watching Yankees/Jays? Last nights loss was more crushing than I realized.

Does that mean there won't be a glogging today? Damn, my boss left for the day and I was all excited for the glog. You are a bigger tease than my high school girl friend. Now I have glogging blue balls.

The blazer I wear on my member is size XXXL.

Members' Blazers are an excellent idea. Can't wait to see the crest with the shrimp!

I hope nobody has plans tonight.

Ms. Wahoo still fits into her plaid uniform skirt and crested blazer from High School. Chief Wahoo makeum big puddle when she does.

I will never achieve erection again after reading that.

Must buy size XXXS blazer now.

Wahoo... if you ever write "puddle" again you're being banished to the Yahoo comments for life.

Like I ever have plans. I'LL BE HERE.

I just threw up on my Members Only jacket.

Will there be sunflower seeds at the night glog?

Hey Cheif. Do you know what band sings the song "She hates me"?


That's a bit of a double edged sword though. If St Louis does not make the playoffs this year, even Billy DeWallet will realize that grabbing four pitchers off the scrap heap doesn't make a rotation, and he'll presumably spend some money on better pitching next year. Which means the Cardinals would be better next year and the year after that etc.

However, if they DO make the playoffs, everyone will say that TLR is a genius and the team will be made even WORSE next year. Ofcourse, you do run the risk that they get hot again and the likes of Kyle Lohse goes 4-0 with a 1.52 ERA in 34 innings and the Cards win the World Series...

Pick your poison!

Iocane powder.

I'm not trying to rat him out or anything, but Farthammer hates the member jackets.


Can't we just contract them?


If you do that, YOUR team might sign TLR as their next manager! Do you want to run that risk?

(Sorry if I just made your brain bleed...)

Rob! What am I supposed to do now, actually pay attention to my kid?

Sigh. I'll be back later.

I also have a bone to pick (with DirecTV, not with WoW).

Why the hell is the Oakland/Minnesota game not on my TV right now? WTF do I pay for MLB Extra Innings if I can't get every game?? And it isn't even Sat.

@ Metschick

Obviously both Oakland and Minnesota claim the area where you live as their local broadcast territory. Those territories reach quite far. Apparently only Tazmania is not currently claimed by an MLB team.

I don't think it's on TV anywhere. I just watched a video from game day and it had video clip with the Twins radio guys doing the sound. That means there aren't any TV crews at the game.


Both team's sites indicate no broadcast affiliate for today's game. Yeah, it's only a professional baseball game between two teams from large metro areas, why would there be so much as a Sony handicam on site to broadcast the action?

Baseball is a small, poor sport. They cannot afford cameras in every stadium!

They will have a few cameras in there for hightlights and stuff. FSN does this thing for non broadcast games where they shrink the game to 30 minutes and just show the last pitch of each AB so there has to be some cameras in there today.


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