Chinese Reliever Chen Kun Is Secret White Sox Envoy

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We haven't covered Olympic baseball much here at Walkoff Walk (actually, not at all, mostly because of the ridiculous extra innings rules) but this news is too good to pass up. Seems that the Cleveland Indians prized prospect that they received from the Brewers in the CC Sabathia trade got plunked in the head by a Chinese relief pitcher during pool play.

While leading off the seventh inning of a USA-China game, Matt LaPorta was hit in the helmet by a Chen Kun fastball. LaPorta was knocked to the ground and suffered a concussion; he was led back to the dugout by manager Davey Johnson who sent LaPorta to the hospital.

So what led Kun to do his best Bob Gibson impression?

According to game reports, the trouble started against China when LaPorta knocked over catcher Wei Wang in the fifth inning on a play at the plate for a 4-0 lead. Wang left the game with a knee injury.

In the bottom of the sixth, Nate Schierholtz collided with backup Chinese catcher Yang Yang when he scored on a sacrifice fly for a 5-0 lead. China's manager Jim Lefebvre argued over Team USA's tactics at the plate and was ejected.

Lefebvre! I should have known! Only one of the Riddler's former henchmen could be so dastardly to collude with the White Sox to put a hit on the rival Indians' best prospect. And on the other side of the world to boot!

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Wei Wang? Please tell me his first name is pronounced "Wee".

Also, if anyone knows about helping dizzy and stumbling players back to the dugout (or their hotel rooms), it's Davey Johnson.

This is what happens when you put a Wang and a Johnson too close to each other.

"Chinese catcher Yang Yang"

I thought Yang Yang was the name of the giant panda at the national zoo

Chen Kun? more like Chen Kunt! Am I right guys?

@Matt - Mike Piazza would like to know if you have a newsletter he can subscribe to.

This is the kind of dirty play that you expect in the equestrian events, or even in the hammer throw. But not in baseball, not the baseball that I know.

his best Bob Gibson impression

"So then I like. 1967 Word Series? You must be joke, Chairman!"

I wonder if a big POW! bubble showed up next to LaPorta's noggin'.

WILL the Riddler will be pinch-writing this evening's "Tonight's Questions"?

"Wang left the game with a knee injury"

Wangs are supposed to have knees? I feel inadequate.

China was just pissed off there were no jury members to bribe/threaten in order to influence the outgame of the game.

On a serious note, I gotta say that those two torpedo plays on the catchers were a bit on the overdone side. As in "45 minutes on the grill" overdone.

So it wasn't really surprising to see LaPorta getting beaned.

In other news, the Cleveland Indians have launched nuclear missiles at Beijing and have been trying to convince MLB that the trade with Milwaukee was not finalized yet.


Is that a John McCain joke?

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