Cristian Guzman Has a Small Carbon Footprint Cuz He Cycles

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He may not be as eco-conscious as Jeremy Guthrie, but Nationals shortstop Cristian Guzman became just the second Nat to ever hit for the cycle. In an 11-2 romp over the Dodgers, Guzman homered in the first, singled in the second, doubled in the sixth, and tripled in the eighth. Dodgers OF Matt Kemp actually did him a favor when Kemp threw Guzman out trying to stretch that single to a double in the second. Double, double, triple, homer is a nice day at the plate but has no special lexicon in the annals of baseball lore.

Commenter TerpNats over at BBTF's Newsblog did the research and figgered out that this was the first time a Washington player (National, Senator, or Redskin) has ever hit for the cycle in the District. What is it about D.C. that has previously discouraged cycles from being hit there? Was it the pitcher-friendly dimensions at RFK? Was it the hot and humid Mid-Atlantic summertime weather that kept balls in the park? Or was it the fact that there was no baseball in Warshington for thirty-three straight years?

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It was partisan bickering.

Nationals Park can sense the winds of change blowing through Washington. That, or because it is finally relieved that Joe Biden may be leaving the Senate.

You would think the large dimensions of RFK would be more conducive to hitting the cycle because when you have a big stadium like that some gappers become triples instead of doubles with fast runners.

@ bc

I don't appreciate your thought-based baseball analysis. I come here for hipster doofery and to read "something's something, y'all" twice daily. Take that highbrow shit elsewhere.

I am sorry. How is this:

It's the fucking Republican's fault with their hatred of anything green. They don't like cycles. If baseball had something called SUV's, the Nationals would hit them all the time.

I think UTF just summed up the entire website in two lines. Well done, sir.

@ bc

Now we're getting somewhere.

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