Disco Demolition Night - 1979

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Now this is something I'm glad I watched. I'd always been aware of the fabled Disco Demo night at Comiskey. But I'd always seen it in 5 second clips during documentaries or I Love The 70s or something. I'd never really realized the extent of the chaos. This video has some candid footage of what was basically an on field riot. It's got an interview with the promoter. And it's got some vintage Greg Gumbel. You couldn't ask for more more. Enjoy your Classic TV Friday!

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That was 34% unethical.

YouTube is good for two things: historical video artifacts and trampoline accidents.

Ok, that's a shirtless Matt fucking McConaughey at the :45 second mark. The guy hasn't aged in 30 years, he's a wizard!

/no homo

That's what I like about Matt McConaughey. I get older... he stays the same age.

@ everyone

you're all a bunch of homos!

-MatTHEW McConaughey

-Officer Poznanski, could you let go of my hair man? It'd be a lot cooler if you did

ps: what happened with the Bigfoot Press Conference?

and if Bigfoot exists could a team sign him to be a DH? with some practice, I bet that "guy" could have one HELLUVA swing!

All right, all right, all right.

In case no one got my 10 cent beer/Comiskey Park/Bay City Rollers joke about three posts down, I appreciate CTC tying it all together.

They really could have used Hall of Famer, Whitey Ford there.

I was under the impression that this was how every game ended in Chicago...

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