Dream Song 108: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • 2:20, Nationals at Cubs: Chicago gets to spend the weekend mauling the Nationals. They need to be beating up on these weak clubs whenever they get a chance. Our astute intern Darren points out that the second place Brewers play 26% of their remaining games against the Pirates. 9 games in all, 6 at home. So if the Cubbies want to keep that comfy cushion they'd do well to treat Washington like the anemic milquetoasts that they are. John Lannan takes on Jason Marquis.

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Go Washington...

... They don't have a chance T_T

So I guess the #1 threat to America really is bears.... and I thought that was just a stupid t-shirt.

Much like the last nudist picnic I attended, this game has been delayed due to inclement weather.

Look, the comic book writer emboldened "Davy" up above. Must be Iracane.


But the writer also emboldened "fun," so it's definitely not Rob.

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