First Party At Ken Kesey's With Hell's Angels: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 1:10, Pirates at Mets: Pedro Martinez starts are starting to take on an air of a concert by say, Chuck Berry. One of the seminal artists/pitchers of his generation. Plays/starts with irregularity. Doesn't have his fastball anymore, but it's still fun to watch because you don't know how many more shows he has in him. He was decent last time out against the puny Padres and today gets a crack at the punchless Pirates. The Mets are still two games behind the Phillies and hanging on. Baseball's first tranny manager, Jerry Manuel, hasn't done so poorly. Zach Duke gets the start for Pittsburgh.

  • 2:05, Nats at Brewers: A four game quadrasweep looms in our second afternoon game. The Brewers have dispatched of the Nats rather efficiently. Washington's run scoring is becoming historically inept, something you may even read about later on this very website. Dave "Stained" Bush takes on Garret Mock.

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Pedro Martinez lies under glass coffee tables and watches teenage girls shit on top of them?


Don't mind if I do.


In the same vein, I saw James Brown a few months before he died at Bimbo's in SF. I can safely say he blew the fucking doors off of any "old" famous act. IM LOOKING AT YOU STONES.

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