Harry Caray Simultaneously Pushes Health Spa, Spins in Grave

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Because Mondays are custom made for horrid YouTube videos that make Cubs fans squirm.

(We owe a six pack of Coke to Land of Dave Corzine)

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Who gave that lesbian a helium balloon?

Worst Harry Caray impression ever, or worst impression ever?

it was so bad it killed Skip.

No, Matt, the Braves' shitty season killed Skip.

Anyone who thinks multinational corporations kill small businesses needs put down No Logo and watch this abomination. Greenlighting this commercial = a complete lack of business acumen.

What does he think about The Money Store?


And yet, it lives: www.frenchrivieraspa.com.

That is spectacularly bad, yet rather tame by New Orleans standards.

What makes this the worst impression ever is that they're doing an impression of Will Ferrell doing an impression. His made me giggle sporadically, this makes me want to walk into my local fitness center and throw 35-pound plates through the many many mirrors.

I'd like to see Will Ohman doing an impersonation of Ryan Dempster doing an impersonation of Will Ferrell doing an impersonation of Harry Caray doing an impersonation of Jay Mohr doing an impersonation of Christopher Walken.

Can WoW make this happen?

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