Help Uncreative Ad Execs Name This Anthropomorphic Rodent

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Hey, fans! The Gwinnett Braves totally need your help naming their new rodent mascot! Yeah, they hired a big time "branding group" from New York City but all those ad wizards on Madison Avenue could come up with was this chubby buck-toothed woodchuck fella who's totally in your face! They couldn't think of a name! Duh! Quel dommage!

But hey, the Gwinnett Braves are so very web-two-point-oh; they set up one of them new-fangled internet websites so y'all fans can submit your name ideas!

Having trouble thinkin' one up? Here are some suggestions:

    - Toothy the Tranny Hamster
    - Ernie the Eunuch Chipmunk
    - Ike the Inevitable Roadkill
    - Jeff Francouer
    - Gary the Gassy Groundhog

Namin' things is hard, y'all! Seriously though, I'm just glad this thing won't end up a Mudcatriverdog or whatever is all the rage nowadays with minor league mascot-naming practices. Wait a minute...Mark the Muddogrivercat! Perfect!

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in threadjackage news..

What am I supposed to do with Freddy Garcia?

-Kerry the Woodchuck
-Foxworthy's Future Dinner
-Mike the Meth Addicted Meercat

No no, that thing does not look like Freddy Garcia one bit.


Bushy Beaver?

Moley The Child Molesting Mole

Woodrow Wilson Woodchuck or Poochie.

Miley Cyrus. (They have the same buck teeth)

Chip the Racist Chipmunk

Tony Gwinnett

That's almost too perfect, freetzy.

I'll need to hear the mascot speak before signing off on Tony Gwinnett

he could have a girlfriend named Gwinnetth.

/not nearly as good or original as freetzy's comment

Dave Coullier

Apparently the Tigers are on a mission to acquire every Venezuelan who's had any sort of run-in with Ozzie Guillen in a quest to drive him nuts...well, more nuts.

It's like Mad Men without all of the smoking and sexism.

Manuel the Undocumented Marmot

Rowdy "the No Pants" Rodent?

Fatty the Fuck-Faced Ferrett?

If anyone cares, I approve of Tony Gwinnett.

How the hell did that thing ever sneak out of Steely McBeam's small intestine?

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