Help Us Name Bowling Green's Pro Baseball Team

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The Tampa Bay Rays future single-A team in Bowling Green, Kentucky needs a mascot name, and we at Walkoff Walk would like to help. The team will play in the South Atlantic League starting next season, home of such cleverly-named teams as the Hickory Crawdads, the Savannah SandGnats, and the Kannapolis Intimidators. So to keep up with the Joneses, the good folks at accepted fan suggestions for the team name for a few months.

Here's Bowling Green CEO Brad Taylor:

"This is the fans' team, so it's only natural they get to feel that sense of ownership in having the opportunity to vote for the name of their team. All seven of the finalists are unique names in Minor League Baseball that have a specific connection to Bowling Green, so we encourage everyone to join us in this fun and exciting way of creating an identity. It's an election year, so fans -it's time to vote!"

Here are your finalists (guess which one we like):

  • Bowling Green Speedsters
  • Bowling Green Cave Shrimp
  • Bowling Green Hot Rods
  • Bowling Green Bluegills
  • Bowling Green Turbos
  • Bowling Green Sparkplugs
  • Bowling Green Mammoths

Yes, the Cave Shrimp sounds right to me. Why? Because (a) Kentucky is home to the endangered blind albino cave shrimp and (b) shrimp and baseball go together like ham and eggs. Folks, please head over to the voting page and register your voice in favor of the Bowling Green Cave Shrimp and support the prevalence of shrimp in baseball. Fight the power!

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What about the Bowling Green SUSSes?

How many fake names/email addresses can I create in one hour to vote?

Also, their marketing team is slick. They sneak that little "Season Tickets" link into the thank you page.

Yeah I fell for that season tickets pitch. Anyone want to buy some games for next year? I somehow bought 25 seats even though I live 1000 miles from Kentucky.

1000 miles? That's not far enough.

Are they good seats, though? I want 'em right on the railing so I can heckle 19-yr old kids making 500 dollars a month.

Done and done.

Here are your finalists (guess which one we like):

It's the one in bold type and discussed in the following paragraph, isn't it?

I went to the voting page and got flustered and somehow voted for Ron Paul. Then he got me to sign up for magazines. What am I gonna do with 40 subscriptions to Vibe???

Could a couple of candidates form a coalition?
Then we'd have:
Bowling Green Mammoth Hot Rods
Bowling Green Turbo Cave Shrimp

Darren and I both voted. VOTED FOR SHRIMPS

According to that photo of the stadium, Bowling Green looks like it's in the middle of Camp Rhino, Afghanistan.

@ Freetzy -No. It's not nearly that nice.

Okay, you're promoting a blind albino shrimp for a mascot? Please.......

It was either that or a dead, retarded squirrel.

But enough about Chuck LaMar. HEY-OH!

Cave shrimp, native to KY, has the aquatic theme of the rays, its a match made in heaven. Think of the menu at the concession stand! Hot dogs and nacho’s be damned bring on the Gumbo! I vote Cave Shrimp!

Hey thanks for the support! Tell your friends and family to vote.

bowling green is home to the corvette plant, the hot rod reunion and lost river cave. not mammouth cave. mammouth cave is in another county north of bowling green.

Let's hope Bowling Green will also be home to the single A Bowling Green Cave Shrimp. Where exoskelotens rule!

The most logical name for the team is Stingrays! If you don't go with that then Petergnats sounds better than Cave Shrimp or Sparkplugs. We'll really sound like some rednecks with those names.

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