Huston Street Is Overly Demotional

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pluto_demoted.gifThe Oakland A's were one of the feel good stories of early 2008. A bunch of ragtag youngsters with no expectations came out with guns blazing. Even after enduring the maniacal open day Japan thing the A's hung tough until just a few weeks before the All-Star break. Billy Beane did his usual dealing, jettisoning Rich Harden and Country Joe Blanton, but the A's recent swoon has claimed its first casualty still on the roster. Closer Huston Street done got demoted.

A's Manager Bob Geren said Saturday that he's taking Huston Street out of the full-time closer's role for the time being, leaving open the question of whom he'll send out to protect leads on a daily basis.

The move undoubtedly is spurred by Street's difficulties this season salting away victories, though Geren went to great lengths Saturday to de-emphasize those struggles.

Instead, he pointed to the standout work of pitchers such as Brad Ziegler and left-hander Jerry Blevins, two players he's considering as options in save situations.

Asked if he still considered Street his closer, Geren answered:

"Yeah, with the flexibility that I might use somebody else."

Oh, Bob. I find your equivocating so folksy! Street warmed up in the 7th inning of Friday's game, then he came into yesterday's loss against the Red Sox in the 7th inning. He worked the A's into and then out of out of a jam in that inning. All of this change is making Street a little irritable. And you wouldn't like him when he's irritable.

"I would say I'm extremely unhappy about it," Street said Saturday. "(Closing is) what I've done my whole career. Do I think I've been as good as I've been my whole career? No. But I still think there's two months left in the season for me to prove myself . . . or prove myself to them."

My gut feeling on the whole thing is it's a chance for Beane the salesman to showcase as many arms as possible for future deals. Street is only 18 of 23 in save situations this season but will presumably still command value in the offseason, regardless of how the rest of this year shakes out.

There's also the chance that Geren has just pulled this out of his hat, and there's no larger meaning behind it. This is the same guy who declared last week that Eric Patterson was going to become his regular leadoff guy, the day before Patterson was sent down to AAA. Something tells me he's a little out of the loop.

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I would've gone with "Hopelessly Demoted to You".

If it were up to Bob Geren, he'd bring in Lee Guetterman to close.

Wow. I can't tell if the feeling I have is from this article or is just standard morning wood.

Huston's Street is One-Way to Triple-A

Seriously, Oakland. When healthy, Jairo Garcia/Santiago Casilla has wayyy better stuff than almost any closer in beisbol. Rehab him then use him.

If I see Embree close any games I'm burning my John Jaha Jersey

Off topic but when are you getting married?

March 14th. Everyone save the date.

Unless all the groomsmen are wearing WoW shrimp-shirts, I ain't coming.

You are getting stuff done early. I am taking the plunge in October and we just finalized our reception menu this weekend.

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