I Fellowed Sleep: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 1:05, Red Sox at Yankees: As we all know, the Red Sox have their hand on the broom closet handle. But for Walkoff Walk purposes, last night's 11-3 drubbing was the big one. Iracane now has to take a picture wearing a Sox hat and holding a "Yoooouuuuk" sign. I can't emphasize how happy I am that I won this bet. If he welches we're going to go to his house and hit him in the kneecaps with one of his Pinot Grigio bottles. Today's it's Jon Lester against Mike Mussina, and I have the radio at my desk at the ready!

  • 2:05, Reds at Astros: Aaron Harang drags his formerly vital shell out to the mound to take on Brandon Backe in the Juice Box. There is rubber here but I defy you to care about it.

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YES just had a fairly stirring tribute to the stadium's last Red Sox v. Yankees game, even by Michael Kaye's standards. Then again, the History channel just had a rousing tribute to the current Bush presidency, so it's true: heaping perfume onto shit is a proven commodity.

Ha. Nice pic. I hope they got medical attention for the cowboy.

Wait, there's no glog? Can I wrest away the control of this idea and talk about how I just called in sick to work to sit inside and watch this while the most perfect weather of the year occurs outside?

Can we fix it so Michael Kay is inside the old stadium when they implode it?

Red Sox radio announcers are thumbing through the New York papers and sound absolutely giddy about the doom and gloom about the Yankees.

I, also, am digging it.

A-rods up, dp time.

@CTC, can you hear the Yankee fans booing A-Rod through your radio?

Wait, A-Rod DP? How does a guy receive a DP? Sister Patricia never covered this in sex ed. I'm confused.

Man, Kotsay rips a double. RIPS it.

(Setting up Chief Wahoo for a fart joke.)

Yeah where's the glog, you hipster doofus?

Hank said the Yankees "sucked" last night. He's like an old, fat and rich Bart Simpson.

Jason Bay drives in Mark Kotsay.

Both of those guys play for Boston now, so they're winning 1-0.

Whoops! Ellsbury scores on an infield single. 2-0.

Man oh man, that was a close play. Good call by the ump there.

Brian Cashman is absolutely baffled, BAFFLED, that his solid pitching plan (3 rookies to throw 500 innings of 130 ERA+ ball, with the occasional spot start by more rookies or waiver wire trash) is not working!

Yeah Brian, who'd have guessed, huh?

I also love how everyone is blowing sunshine up Girardi's ass because, after all, all the injuries aren't his fault, but when Joe Torre lost 2 of his 3 big sluggers for a whole freaking year, it was just pisspoor management that they didn't win the world series.

Here's hoping all that goodwill towards you stays, Girardi!

(It's not going to.)

fucking A-Rod!

Giambi 2 run tater tot off Okajima. 2-2.

Why the hell did Tito take Lester out?

To annoy me.

@UTFLW, he threw 119 pitches

@ Worship:

It isn't even good anymore. The brodudes at the Stadium last night were pissed at him. Whither goest the brodudes, goeth the Yanks.

Why the hell did Tito leave Lester in that long?

@UTFLW, he threw 119 pitches

Youk just looked at the ump and said, "Really? That was outside? I thought it was a strike. Cool," then popped up on the next pitch.

Rivera's still got it.

HOW many batters in a row can we get a pitching change?

I can't believe I am rooting for Jason Giambi

Gah. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

That's what meat loaf said

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