Jake Peavy Loves the Crazy Internet, Jager

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The good folks at Gaslamp Ball discussed a piece in the San Diego Union Tribune yesterday about bloggers posting pictures of professional athletes enjoying the booze. Here's some egghead giving his two cents while pimping his new book:

    Paul Levinson, a professor and chairman of the Department of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University and author of the upcoming book "New New Media," defends bloggers' right to do what they do under the First Amendment. But Levinson is no fan of such postings. "These are not very nice people," Levinson said of those who run the sites aimed at athletes.

Hey, I'm a blogger who posts pictures of baseballers and I'm nice! I've even been called 'affable'!

By the by, that's Padres ace Jake Peavy drinking Jagermeister straight from the bottle! At a charity event for autism research! Where he donated his time to be a celebrity bartender! Two years ago! Wow what a drunk! My Puritan values have been compromised by looking at that photograph!

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He doesn't look like he's drinking that Jager so much as making sweet monkey love to it.

Or spitting it back in the bottle.

That's the secret ingredient in Grandma Peavy's Downhome Nudie Juice. Jaeger backwash.

Peavy drinks Jaeger because he heard they put deers blood in it.

Peavy must have paid attention in Padre's manners class. Note the pinky finger slightly extended indicating proper etiquette while drinking 70 proof liquor from a litre bottle.

Peavy looks like he's auditioning for an Alabama jug band, "Big Brown's Band of Itty-Bitty BABIPers."

Must be Photoshop'd
You damn bloggers will stop at nothing to get your story!

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