Jerry Manuel Cares Not For Your Job Title

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mrmet.jpgWe've had lots of fun with the Mets bullpen here in recent weeks. Not as much fun as opposing batters have had, but we've had some chuckles nonetheless. Apparently tired of his relievers' frighteningly predictable ineptitude, tranny coach Jerry Manuel has decided to totally flip the script and start using starters in relief.

"Well, I probably need to make some adjustments. Period. We can't continue to perform this way late in the game...I just have to make some adjustments...I've got to figure out what I have and who is willing to step up in those roles...I've got to use all the options that I have here...I might start using starters down there or something (smiling)."

Though Manuel never mentioned a specific starting pitcher by name, when asked if John Maine could be used as a one-inning closer after he returns from the DL tomorrow, he said, "Everything from here on out is a possibility."

Hear that, kids? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN QUEENS! Pedro Martinez hitting cleanup. Willie Randolph becoming the new closer. Travis Fryman rising from the dead to... oh, really? Didn't know that. Anyway, you get the gist. Jerry Manuel is mad as hell and no one is safe.

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When reached for comment, Mr. Met said "Ba-chomp, ba-chewy-chomp, ba-chewy-chewy chomp."

So, he's going to have his shaky starters start relieving his shaky bullpen? I think this will give us license to start using the word Manuelesque when discussing moves.

They're signing Rocker to be the closer.

He'll never be able to afford the operation at this rate!

Let's start a pool on what time of the night Manuel will be fired.

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