Jim Leyland Will Outlive the Cockroaches in Comerica Park

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Dee-troit Tigers manager Jim Leyland (who has received his fair share of slings and arrows from my partner) is actually happy with his job and interested in staying on. The good people at The Big Tilde, the awkward Magglio OrdoƱez fanboy blog, stole these words from Peter Gammons Insiders Only blog:

There are rumblings that the Tigers may have to lop $40 million off their payroll before the beginning of the season. But on Tuesday, manager Jim Leyland let it be known to upper management that he'd like his contract extended through 2010, and says "I'd like to manage another five years."

Jim Leyland is surprisingly just 63 years old. This is news to someone like me who thought he was already 63 when the Pirates lost three straight NLCSes sixteen years ago. Regardless of his actual biological age, looking at the man does not necessarily inspire an image of good health and longevity. Still, reading this short news item from last year may prove us all wrong:

Leyland closed out pregame batting practice on Sunday afternoon by grabbing a bat and taking a round. He received applause from Tigers fans in attendance when he sent a fly ball into left field, and he tipped his cap in response on his way off the field.

Well, perhaps Herr Leyland is aging quite gracefully, and will indeed be managing the Tigers for the next five years. In fact, we've obtained actual video of Leyland arriving at Comerica Park on Opening Day 2009.

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Arrr, matey.

What makes his bp session even more impressive is he smoke a half a pack during it. He finished a whole cig on one drak while that fly ball was in the air.


Hold the phone: Do managers still get baseball cards? I'd love to get a Dusty Baker card (HINT HINT).


It's just a phase we're going through...

leyland's birth certificate must be issued in china. i'm pretty sure he can get a job with the tobacco lobbyists anytime he wants.

he and bobby cox are the only 2 managers in mlb that still wear spikes in the dug out.

Jim Leyland consults on Mad Men, much like real cops consult on CSI and Law and Order.

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